(Introvert Marketer Podcast) Episode 2: Making Moves to Strategize Your Freedom







In this episode, I’m spilling the beans on that one time I was so burned out, I ended up refunding clients and shutting down my business for four months.

This was a crucial time in my evolution not only as an entrepreneur but as an introvert. Nowadays, I make sure I’m aligned with my capacity, and what I can take on realistically.

My advice for you? Just because you CAN do everything – doesn’t mean you should.

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International Marketing Strategist and Sales Copywriter fo r course creators and service providers who need to establish their industry expertise. Using email marketing, sales page copywriting, and sales psychology Tiffany helps her clients sell their high-ticket (above $2k) offers with ease. Tiffany also has a Digital Marketing blog filled with practical copywriting tips and entrepreneurship advice. She's on a mission to assist as many black-owned companies as humanly possible to acquire wealth through ethical marketing messages. When she's not writing you'll find her living out her digital nomad life and traveling thr world with her husband and four children.

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