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Create a Highly-Converting Service Launch Email Series (Email Marketing in 2023)

As you go to launch your latest program or a revamp of your signature program, it’s time to think about your email funnel.

Without a properly optimized email series to launch your program/offer then you run the risk of leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table.

Using email marketing will give you the freedom you need to expand your team, create better offers, and cultivate a community mindset with the people on your email list.

In this blog, I’m going to show you a few marketing statistics, email marketing tips, and a list of words you should use to increase your open and conversion rates.

Email Marketing Statistics for 2023

  • Small business owners ranked email marketing as the second most important medium to build brand awareness after social media marketing. – Campaign Monitor
  • 47% of marketers stated that email is their most effective marketing channel, followed by social media marketing (39%), SEO (33%), and content marketing (33%). – GetResponse
  • Including videos in your email content can increase your click rates up to 300%. – Martech Advisor
  • Emails that end with “Thanks in advance” or similar variations received higher responses than other sign-offs. – Boomerang
  • In a survey about email signatures, 75% of them included contact information. 60% of people shared their phone number, and fewer had their social media profiles – Twitter (7%), Facebook (3%), and LinkedIn (2%). – MarTech
  • Automated emails drive 320% more revenue compared to non-automated emails. – Campaign Monitor
  • When marketed via email, consumers tend to spend 138% more than shoppers that do not receive email offers. – Disruptive Advertising

(Thanks Moosend)

I know that is a handful of information, but let’s break it down in chronological order.

The first two statistics support the idea that email is still the king of content despite the rise in video and social media marketing efforts.

Consumers love the personalization that email provides and a sense of belonging.

You should also consider that social media is usually used as a top-of-funnel marketing channel while email caters to the people that are in the middle of your funnel, are already familiar with your brand, and are problem aware (meaning they know they have an issue that needs to be solved)

The use of short video and email signatures which include contact info, and using a variance of “thanks in advance” at the end of the email boosts conversion rates.

Be sure to share this with your marketing team because these little details are game-changers when it comes to persuading someone to tap that buy button and invest in your programs.

Lastly, we see the critical importance of automation.

Email automation comes in the form of:

– Welcome Sequences (tap this blog to learn the breakdown)

– Sales/launch sequence (what this blog is about)

– Re-engagement sequence (to see who is still interested in your business

– Abandoned Cart Sequences (if someone shows interest in your brand but doesn’t hit the buy button

Sales Sequence Framework for Consultants Revealed

The strategy behind a high-ticket sale is different than that of a low-ticket eCommerce brand.

Today, we are going to focus on an agency or business that has an offer of around or above $1,000.

Persuading this target audience takes more time than it does to persuade someone to buy something worth $50.

First things first, you need a sales sequence that includes 10 to 15 emails. There are even marketers out there that use longer sequences. As a baseline do not go anywhere below 10-15 emails.

This sales sequence should use storytelling to motivate your buyer through the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases.

Check out this example here.

Power Words, and Strong Language Can Penetrate Sales Objections in One Swoop

Knowing the power of copywriting or selling with your words is the formula to unlock unlimited sales once you have a tried and true offer.

If you’re reading this blog still, you and I both know how incredible your offers are so the next step is for you to understand the power of your words.

This is why I’m listing a comprehensive compilation of words that pack a punch and leave your reader feeling interested, curious, excited, or shocked.

The key thing to remember with powerful words is the emotion you’re trying to evoke.

Besides each phrase or word, I’m going to list the feeling associated with the term for a clear map that you can share with your marketing team.

  • Astounding
  • Brilliant
  • Exciting
  • Breath-Taking
  • Heart-Stopping
  • Gorgeous
  • Incredible
  • Out of this world

Each of these terms is targeting emotion and excitement. Use these terms when you’re trying to get your audience hyped up about the transformation you provide.

  • Low quantity
  • Unavailable
  • A lack of
  • Dreadful
  • Heart-breaking
  • Soul-sucking
  • Gut-wrenching

The group of terms mentioned above is targetting fear which is known to be one of the most powerful emotions you can target in marketing. Be aware when using these power words and emotions because you need to be able to back up what you’re saying.

If you’re looking for more power words and strategies to lure in your ideal clients tap here and schedule a consultation.


With the correct use of an email sales sequence, you can wow your audience, build trust, and make sales on demand.

Your launch strategy has to be consumer-focused, and when you throw in a mix of powerful sales psychology and copywriting you’re able to break glass ceilings and see conversions like never before.

Email marketing is still king, even in 2023, and it seems like it isn’t going anywhere so why not take advantage and expand your territory with content that converts?

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