Email Marketing for Course Creators and Consultants

The Hidden Framework To Sign More Clients and Build an Overflowing Email List

In this blog, I’m going to break down what you need to do to sign more clients via email.

This will be basically be a walk through on what your experience would look like working with an email marketing expert.

Over the past 6 years I’ve worked with over 200 businesses in industries such as law, automotive, medicine, finance/banking, beauty, and eCommerce.

I’ve learned a few major lessons along the way about what works in marketing and what doesn’t.

The first few actionable tips are:

• Use omnichannel channel marketing to create a cohesive brand strategy and reshare content from blogs, social media, and podcasts.

• Start optimizing for the the buyer’s journey and consider user experience to help create retention strategies that build loyalty and accelerate sales

• Update your lead magnets frequently and use a variety of lead magnets to create different segments for your email list based on product and service offerings

• Use email marketing automation to make sales in your sleep, or while traveling and whatever else you enjoy doing

We will dive into each of these tips in depth so you can take these strategies and apply them to your own marketing today🙌🏾

Omnichannel and Email Marketing Build a Successful Customer Lifecycle

Omnichannel means using social media, blogs, and podcasts or any other marketing collateral to build credibility across the marketing ecosystem.

An example of this would be creating an email welcome sequence with 10 emails and then using links to YouTube, Facebook, blogs, and podcasts to educate the audience and delight them as they move through the buyer’s journey.

As a business, you can also use this for weekly or bi-weekly email campaigns (newsletters) so that your audience stays up to date on the latest industry tips.

Just be sure to give them actionable tips and quick wins versus vague content that can be found with your competition.

The deeper you dig into content the better the outcomes for sales and driving brand loyalty.

Think About The Buyer’s Journey and User Experience

The buyer’s journey is a way for a customer to move from being unaware of who your business is and the solution you provide to then being problem aware, and solution aware.

Content on each of these phases differs because the action someone takes when they first find your brand through an ad or social media post is different than the action they will take after being exposed to your brand via consistent email marketing.

Is One Lead Magnet Enough?

Let’s start with the definition of a lead magnet. This term refers to a free or low-cost offer that is irresistible for your audience.

In exchange for this download, your audience will give you details like their email address or phone number for SMS marketing.

When implemented correctly, your lead magnet should tie to a specific product or service offering and have an automation like a welcome series attached to it for further communication with the people who opt-in to receive messages from you.

Now, for the question… is one lead magnet enough?

If you’re a newer business and just starting out, one will do, but if you’re an established company it would benefit you to have more than one freebie or lead magnet that then will split into different segments on your email list.

These segments can be based on products, or based on a specific problem your audience is facing.

Then, you’ll be able to tailor messaging so that each segment receives content that will cater to their precise needs and goals.

Different Methods for Email Automation

A Welcome series isn’t the only type of automation you can use to bring I new clients.

You should also have an abandoned product sequence going for when someone adds an item to their cart and then leaves it.

For service providers this looks like automated follow up campaigns after getting in contact with a potential client.


There’s a ton of logistics and know-how that goes into email marketing, but with the right strategy and a dedication towards success you too can create wildly successful email campaigns that fuel your brand and create emails that your audience can’t resist!

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