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What is a Marketing Strategy Without Captivating, Money-Generating, Words?

I see you there, searching the internet trying to find the right words to say to your clients. You’ve been hustling to get your new course, membership, and service-offering out but you’re beginning to realize the copy you create (or lack) makes a world of difference.

What if you can clearly identify and convert your ideal client with your emails campaigns, social media copy, and blog content before they even book a sales call with you?

What if the premium clients you’re trying to attract need to be connected with the end result of your service before making the $$$$$ commitment?

The secret to copy that converts is AUTHENTICITY, CONNECTION, & POWER words.

Which is exactly how I help my clients rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars on demand.

Itching to know my copy framework? Keep reading…

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I help marketers, online business managers, and accountants to create captivating email campaigns that establish industry expertise so they can push their business forward in an ever-changing world.

See, you’ve done an excellent job of keeping your clients happy.

The problem is… your business is surviving through referrals and networking events.

It’s time to take matters in your own hands by showing your expertise with your company blog and nurture campaigns.

Did You Know?

“About 75 percent of businesses can’t find someone with the expertise to optimize their landing page copy (Marketing Experiments).

Great copywriters are essential for landing pages. Optimized copywriting with top-performing keywords is a must” (Thanks

Over the years I worked with a variety of businesses to establish a strong social media presence, drive website traffic, sales, and conversions.

I can dazzle your premium priced offers ($1.5k – $10k) with highly authentic, connection, and conversion focused lingo >> Schedule a call here.

Want to see some of the companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with?

Brands who receive MASSIVE traffic and thousands of dollars in revenue from Tiffany Garside (Tiffy G Writes)

Social Media Strategist

The Introvert-Coach
Chandra Brooks | Business Coach

Amani Hair & Beauty

Black Girl Sunscreen

Nationwide Real Estate Academy
Social Ink Co.
Executive Assisting in Inbound Marketing
Facebook Ads Strategist

Did you know a customer needs to see your business 6-12 times on average before making the decision to buy from you? (HubSpot)

77% of Internet users read blogs (Impactbnd)

Companies with blogs generate 55 percent more website visits than companies without blogs.(HubSpot)

69% of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging (HubSpot)

Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts (HubSpot)

Creating a cohesive brand strategy while relating to your ideal customers is the main goal behind digital marketing and blog writing, more specifically.

Will you make the decision to propel your business forward as content marketing becomes more important?

Relying on in person meet-ups just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Your clients need to know they can trust you and the easiest, most effective way to show potential clients this is to start becoming crystal clear with your copywriting.

Tiffany Garside

Do You Want to See An Example? Click here.
Captivating copy awaits! You know, the kind that gets your people excited to work with you?

I know first hand because I’ve started and scaled one myself.

No more excuses.

No more slacking in your marketing efforts.

No more losing sleep over handling the digital marketing aspect of your company.

You will be able to focus on closing sales with bigger clients right after you commit to taking your B2B Copywriting, and Messaging efforts seriously.

Tiffany will assist you in building know, like, and trust with your audience.

To move forward with increasing your revenue, establishing your industry authority, and relating to your audience with content marketing click here.

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