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3 Irrational Things Your Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Have Time For (2023 Edition)

We tend to discuss actionable tips on what you need to create a viable content strategy that woos your audience, builds community, and converts lurkers to clients, but we need to also address mindset issues before we even create the strategy.

I’ve spent the past 6 years working with small business owners in finance, career, law, real estate, and business consulting to establish their expertise and win new clients with email marketing.

There’s a fundamental mindset that every successful CEO needs to have if they want to expand their territory and build a business that works without them.

This way, you have time to take a vacation or take up a new hobby while allowing your passionate work to still work without you being exhausted 24/7.

By the end of this blog, you’ll know about 3 irrational things businesses need to consider before sitting down to create any marketing strategy (email, social, blog, etc.)

A Content Marketing Strategy that Fuels Doubt Instead of Power

Of course, we should be realistic about the type of content we’re producing and what our goals are, but you shouldn’t allow doubt to trickle into your marketing goals.

I’ll put it like this, “Go BIG or Go Home!”

Most of the time, those who create strategies based on doubt or fear will attract that type of energy and clients.

This is the absolute last thing you want to do…

Setting your goals too low will block your business from expansion and your brand from being able to make a global impact – had you just believed in yourself and the message you’re telling the world you would experience a bit more ease with marketing.

Whenever I get on the call with a client and they decide to work together on their copy – I notice their confidence level (in their offers and services) matches the copy I produce for them.

Versus those who do not work with copywriters or question why a wordsmith would want to exude so much confidence in an offer.

The thing about creating emails campaigns, a landing page, or website copy is that having confidence is non-negotiable.

There’s no way someone is going to invest their hard-earned money in something that the CEO doesn’t even believe in.

You have to convey this through the written word, or else your people will search for a different solution to their problem.

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2. A Content Marketing Strategy That Embodies Negativity and Lack Instead of Purpose and Power

If your marketing strategy is to create content that points out all the bad things about someone without telling them the solution there’s no way they’re going to keep coming back to get knocked in the head.

It’s fine (and essential) to display their problem or burning issues that need to be solved, but there’s a way to professionally, and elegantly go about doing it.

My best tips for you are:

  • Point out the problem
  • Create relatable, emptahy driven advice
  • Tell the audience about the solution AND what their life will look like after working with you

When you take this approach to the whole problem, agitate, solution approach in marketing you give your audience a vision and purpose behind their current pain.

This ethical approach to marketing is better than bringing someone through a roller coaster of emotions just to get a sale.

3. Your Minimum Viable Audience are The ONLY Ones Who Matter

Excellent marketers are business people who understand they aren’t serving the entire world (over 7 billion people) with their products and services.

Instead, they’re serving a group of people (even smaller for high-ticket programs) who desire their solution.

This is called the minimum viable audience.

Once you tailor your marketing strategy to a very small, select bunch of people, selling becomes 10x easier because you’ve identified the people who are most likely to invest in their future.

Just as you wouldn’t go to a soccer game trying to sell makeup, or a concert trying to sell crochet blankets.

You have to know and understand who your ideal client is, where they are, how you can help them, and what their objections are to working with you.

The deeper you go into this market research the easier it is to create a content strategy that produces real results.

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