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The Real Estate Marketing Strategy Guaranteed to Grow Your Firm in 2023 and Beyond

If you’re working as a realtor or own your own brokerage one of the biggest goals you have in 2023 is figuring out how to make consistent sales and close deals.

In the age of internet you know social media has been a game changer with strategies like running ads for open houses, and showing off houses for sale in the same way.

If you also offer some sort of course or training for people who are looking to buy or sell a house or get into commercial real estate the email marketing strategy I’m about to show you is guaranteed to grow your business.

Let’s jump into the details so you can create a recession-proof strategy.

Email Marketing for Realtors and Firms is Simple

Hopefully you already have a Facebook presence or LinkedIn, maybe even Instagram.

You have a steady list of contacts and leads coming in, aka people who are interested in your offers or could be in the future.

The problem?

You only send 4 emails or less per month.

The issue with this is that just isn’t enough consistency for anyone to remember who you are and what you do.

A simple fix is to email your list more often and create welcome sequences, and sales sequences.

My suggestion as an Email Marketing Specialist is for you to send at least two emails per week.

Your audience wants and needs to hear from you and depending on what you specialize in you can give them tips that your completion isn’t giving (since they believe your audience doesn’t want consistent communication)

Here are a few ideas:

⁃ Real Estate trends in the changing economy

⁃ Discuss your goals in the upcoming months and years

⁃ Local real estate trends

⁃ Commercial real estate trends

⁃ Features of your open house that are unique and different

⁃ Encouragement and tips for buying/selling a home

⁃ Ask for referrals

As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless.

If this blog leaves you with a newfound energy for your email marketing strategy – schedule a call 📱 to see how I can help you fortify your business with email marketing.

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