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Post-Pandemic Content Marketing Spotlight (Revealing How To Drastically Increase Revenue With A Digital Strategy)

Coming out of the world-wide pandemic my content agency was able to produce the highest amount of revenue in the midst of August 2020.

There were no in-person meet-ups and honestly as an introvert entrepreneur, I’m not big on those types of events anyways.

Even if you LOVE in-person networking, 2020 and 2021 made it difficult to see your regular events come to fruition.

There are plenty of online summits and of course, we always use social media to network.

In this blog, I’m laying out the exact marketing funnel I’ve been using to make money in my sleep while working with only 1-3 clients.

How to Market an Online Business in 2023 and Beyond

You’re a service provider, marketing consultant, business strategist, or agency owner.

The pandemic and social media shutdown exposed to you the fact that you can’t trust in-person networking and you have to have your digital marketing strategy lined up even when things are going well.


Because there will come a time when things aren’t going well.

Maybe you’ll get sick…

Maybe you will have some type of family issue you have to handle right away…

Or, you start to understand that business is truly a numbers game which means your visibility should be increasing at the same rate as your conversions.

With this idea as our basis, let me show you exactly what I did and what I’ve been doing for my super successful clients who have experienced growth in a pandemic.

Start With a Lead Magnet and Automate From There

Begin your journey to creating a larger impact with your marketing by creating an irresistible lead magnet.

I’m not talking about those dull ebooks and checklists.

You’re a high-ticket service provider and your ideal client needs to know the nitty-gritty of what you know!

Think about being as specific as humanly possible.

Here are a few ideas you can start with and tailor to match your ideal client:

• 32 Insane Marketing Tips You Don’t Know

• 15 Business Operations Tactics From Million Dollar Companies

• 21 Obvious Questions to Ask Contractors

• Revealing the Hidden Online Business Hack for 25% More Clients

• The Online Course Creator’s Undercover Process for Unlimited Client Sign Ups

* The key here is to create an incredible, scroll-stopping headline and ensure your content actually lines up with what you said you will provide.

This will leave your audience excited, wondering what life will be like after actually paying for your offer.

Next, We Need an Email Sequence

An email sequence is simply a series of emails that are automated to go out at a scheduled time.

After creating your stellar lead magnet you need to attach a thorough email welcome sequence so you can “welcome” your audience in and pack a punch.

We know that your audience is aware of your offer now (thanks to that lead magnet) so your email sequence should dig a bit deeper.

We need to bring out testimonials, short videos, case studies, and statistics to show your subscribers why working with you is the right decision.

*This is also the prime time to tell your genesis story or the story of how and why you started this business, and how it impacts you and the clients you serve.

Then, you’ll paint the picture with storytelling again, going over why your audience needs your service and what their life will be like after working with you.

I like to create 10-15 email sequences.

By the time your audience is finished with the sequence you’ve created a lasting memory that will increase brand awareness and move your people down your funnel.

An email sequence that doesn’t include all of the above is merely a waste of time. We’re here to be intentional about our marketing, words, and strategy. Use this blog to critique your current sequence and make a plan for a new one, that educates and nurtures on demand.

Create Your Crazy Attractive Sales Page and Make Clients Beg to Pay You

This is no exaggeration friend. My clients and I have been able to produce copy that makes our audience BEG to pay us.


Because we know their sales objections, have empathy, and understand how dire their main problem is.

We want to open their wound of not having enough revenue, free time, or even peace of mind.

Then we’re going to bandage it up to near perfection with our statistics-based tried and true offer.

This is how we make high-ticket sales easy.

So, when you’re creating that sales page pay attention to the wording because it makes ALL the difference.

Here’s a short format you can use for landing and sales page copy:

1. Crazy Captivating Headline

2. Additional headlines that meet their needs and address both their problem and goals upfront

3. Story-telling to embrace where they are now

4. Story-telling to identify where they want to be

5. An intro to who you are (make it short this isn’t all about you)

6. Testimonials

7. Expose your framework/program (give them a peek inside the course or offer

8. Bullet points that make this decision stupid obvious (who this is for, who it isn’t for etc…)

9. FAQs and sales objections answered upfront

10. Remind them of the offer and what they have to lose if they don’t take radical action now

11. A strong yet cohesive call to action that anchors them to the final buying decision

*Feel free to hand this off to your team or share it with a marketing department – my treat to you*

Seal the Deal With Strong Language Which Makes Your Audience Trust You

Tiffany Garside, Copywriter for Premium Program Creators

I know you’re wondering whether or not the language you use will be too strong for your audience.

Kick that idea out of your head right now…

Unless you use powerful words and strong language your audience won’t even notice your sales copy or emails.

They’ll drift away in the sea of unread marketing material because in 2021 there’s too much content.

You have to make your offers stand out.

The only way to do that is with confidence, strong language, and uncovering your audience’s deepest pain points.

Don’t worry, if you have an offer that works tremendously opening those wounds won’t lead to more pain.

Instead, you get to swoop in and make the impact you’re dying to make on the world.

All while expanding your business’s territory and marketing in a fearless way.

Leave a comment below if you have questions.

P.S. Need to get the above-mentioned services complete like yesterday? Click here and schedule your call.

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