Email Marketing for Course Creators and Consultants

Email Welcome Sequence Breakdown for Marketing Consultants [REVEALED]

Email marketing is still the king of content marketing in 2023 and beyond.

Emails account for a large percentage of the content we intake on a daily basis.

Beyond those weekly email newsletters, having automated sequences is the real money maker.

Think of email newsletters as the way you provide consistent value to your audience, while automations (or sequences) are you how create more revenue.

In this short blog, I’m filling in all the blanks in your email marketing knowledge so you can upgrade your revenue and stop leaving dollars on the table.

Email Marketing Strategy for Consultants (Revealed)

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Chances are you’re a consultant ready to upscale operations through email marketing, automations, and conversion copywriting.

Your audience is already primed to your offer and you have a means of creating website traffic.

The problem is, you need your sales copy (landing pages and email campaigns) to do the heavy lifting.

After your copy (marketing words) do what they’re supposed to and increase your revenue to get your next 6-figures you’ll be well on your way to biz expansion.

My absolute favorite way of establishing industry expertise while nurturing for optimal conversions is a lead magnet in the form of a email challenge.

This is sort of like a webinar freebie, but this is for the business owners who invest and want to learn on their own and grab quick tips from you instead of spending hours on the laptop.

Creating a Client-Generating Welcome Sequence

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When you’re producing a daily email challenge as an opt-in for your email list you end up saving your resources and time since the challenge is the actual opt-in itself.

Think about your most helpful and out of this world industry tips. Those are the tips you want to include in the daily challenge for your new subscribers.

This is your chance to really wow the person that hasn’t experienced your brand before.

They’re going to go from not knowing anything about you to being fully aware of their problem and exactly how you can solve it. Be sure to let your own personality/brand personality shine through the series too.

You can automate the email challenge and use it as a welcome sequence while adding the following for maximum conversions and impact:

  • Links to your blogs or podcasts
  • Links to your Instagram
  • Links to your high-ticket offer (don’t do this up front, wait until email #3 and over)
  • Links to your testimonials
  • Statistics relevant to the decision your audience needs to make to buy from you
  • Story telling to help your audience get to know why your in business and why you’re passionate about what you do

Check out this Welcome Sequence Automation Stat (pictured below)

Email Challenge Automation for a Marketing Mentor

In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is, without a properly structured Email Welcome Sequence your business is doomed to miss out on sales – especially if you’re about to launch a program or service.

To save yourself time, increase your impact, and win more clients start thinking about how you want to structure your email list.

Will you start an email challenge?

Thinking about creating a new super resourceful ebook?

What type of story will you tell your audience to nurture them and build a lasting impact (the type where you email them and they’re super excited because you’ll always providing intriguing tips or revealing more about your story)

If you’d like help answering these questions or to book an expert copywriter to create your email campaigns and sales pages click here and schedule your consultation.

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