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How to Insanely Increase Your Course Sales in 2024

Tiffany Garside | International Copywriter

I see you there, so proud of that bomb course you just created. You spent hours working out the logistics of your program and you’re ready to launch, eager for that passive income, but if you don’t have a good online course marketing strategy, then instead of passive income, you’ll get crickets.

If you want to know how to increase your course sales, remember this: nurture your audience.

A mistake I see online entrepreneurs make is that they focus so much on creating the perfect course and the perfect launch…

But, they forget to nurture their audience first.

Read on to see why nurturing your audience ahead of time is a crucial part of your sales funnel.

Why nurture your audience?

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A sales funnel is the journey your audience goes through from finding you for the first time to buying your product. 

Nurturing your audience is the main thing that keeps the sales funnel working. It’s all about consistently giving value to your audience so that they know, like, and trust you. If your audience knows, likes, and trusts you, they’ll be more likely to buy your course. 

To use know-like-trust in your online marketing strategy, you have to understand inbound marketing. HubSpot explains that inbound marketing “attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.” There are three parts to this: Attract, Engage, and Delight. 

First, attract your target audience with intriguing content, making them curious to get to know you. 

Then engage your audience by communicating with them, showing them that you understand their problems and desires. 

This helps them like and trust you enough to buy. Finally, delight your customers with a top-notch experience, increasing their chances of buying from you again or telling their friends about you.

The engaging part is where most audience nurturing happens. This is where you show your audience that you’re listening to them, you care about them, and you understand them. 

Of course, you need to show that you have knowledge and experience and your course is the real deal.

Your audience doesn’t just want your knowledge — they also want to connect with someone who relates to them.

That’s why I’m telling you three ways to build an online course marketing strategy that creates a genuine connection between you and your audience.

Using a blog for online business marketing

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A blog definitely needs to be part of your online business marketing strategy in 2023.

Blog posts work wonders to nurture your audience for course marketing because they give valuable information your audience wants to know.

As a course creator, your job is to help your students learn information that benefits their life in some way. 

That means your target audience is people who are confused about the topic your course covers, and there’s a lot they don’t know. So to get more course sales, write blog posts that explain things your audience is struggling to understand.

When writing blog posts, don’t forget to inspire, not just teach. Write blog posts that provide your audience with info that’s relevant to them, and at the same time, remind them that they have a reason to hope. 

Let them know that even though they’re confused now, it won’t be that way forever. If they read your blog — and especially if they buy your course — they’ll be amazed by how much they’ll learn and grow!

Bonus tip: Be sure to optimize your blog posts for SEO so that people can discover your blog through search engines. SEO is huge for inbound marketing because of its massive potential to bring new people to your site. 

Those people will learn useful info from your blog posts, and they might even sign up for your email list. That’s when you need a welcome sequence. 

How an email welcome sequence improves your course marketing

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A rock-solid welcome sequence is another must for your online course marketing strategy. 

This is a sequence of several emails that are sent to people after they sign up for your email list, which is why it’s called a “welcome” sequence. You can use an email service provider to schedule the emails so one email is sent per day.

A welcome sequence is rocket fuel for your course marketing because it engages your subscribers and builds know-like trust. 

These emails help your subscribers feel closer to you and learn more about you and your course. With a well-written welcome sequence, your subscribers will see you as an expert while also seeing you as a friend who wants to lend a helping hand.

Whether you want your welcome sequence to have 3, 4, or 10 emails, the key is to give your subscribers useful information that benefits them immediately. 

Inspirational and entertaining content works well, too. 

Yes, mention your course in these emails, but be careful not to talk about the course so much that you forget to give useful info. Your emails need to be beneficial even for people who aren’t ready to buy your course yet. They’ll warm up to you. 

Sales call tips for online business marketing

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If you have an awesome blog and welcome sequence but you’re still confused about how to increase your course sales, take a closer look at your sales calls. When you’re on a sales call, you can’t just talk about how wonderful your course material is and how your prospect should sign up ASAP. 

You have to approach sales calls by continuing the way you’ve been nurturing your audience.

You nurtured your audience by listening to their needs and helping with their problems, so try the same approach in sales calls.

 Instead of spending the whole call singing praises for your course, ask questions about your prospect’s struggles and goals related to your course topic. Listen closely to what they say, then talk about how your course can help solve their problems.

The result is that instead of feeling pressured or annoyed, your prospect will appreciate the fact that you listened to them. They’ll know that you truly care about them and want to see them succeed. 

Think about how powerful that is. Would you rather buy a course from a pushy salesperson or from someone who cares about your success? Exactly.

If you nurture your audience as part of your online marketing strategy, your course sales will multiply like fire. You worked hard to create your course, so make sure you have a healthy sales funnel to go with it! Remember, you’re not just “selling” — you’re attracting, engaging, and delighting. If you do this, get ready because your course is about to get tons of new students.

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