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Heart-Racing Copy Framework to Make Your Audience Throw Money at You

What if you could provoke your audience to throw money towards your high-ticket offer?

Imagine this, your ideal client is reading your sales page for a premium program. They opt-in for your waiting list.

After being welcomed into your 10-email sequence, they read your copy with their heart beating frantically at the excitement your copy invokes.

They know right after they go through the course they’re going to accomplish all of their desires.

You’ve even included testimonials that help them to make the hunting decision and promote trust with your company.

In fact, this client turns into a revolving client that wants to work with you on other programs too.

Isn’t this what you NEED your copy to do?

Let me show you the revenue winning copy framework to make your program launch successful.

Execute High Level Market Research

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Knowing your ideal clients is the key to creating heart-throbbing copy.

Once you know all the details about the thoughts that run through their head, what their fears are, and what their hopes are you will relate to them like never before.

This research can be accomplished using Reddit, Facebook Groups, popular blogs, and anywhere else you know your ideal client hangs out at.

Get an understanding of their:

– Hopes

– Dreams

– Biggest Fears

– What they eat

– What they despise

– Who they follow and listen to

And basically any other areas that are extreme lies and dislikes.

I know you’re wondering why any of this matters.

It matters because these are speaking points or should I say writing points you can use to relate to them.

*This is another way to ensure you never run out of ideas*

Implementing this market research definitely isn’t a “one and done” type of thing either.

You have to conduct this research at least every quarter, maybe every month if you have a Copywriter to assist in the process.


Because people and times change so quickly. If you stay on top of your ideal client’s thoughts then you’re ALWAYS going to be the only logical solution when it comes to the service or program you offer.

Sales Copy Outlines for Massive Client Conversions

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No one ever does anything without a plan. Especially when you’re signing $2k+ deals.

Strategize your sales copy and email sequences before jumping in.

Using your market research you will be well equipped to create headlines that pull your reader in effortlessly.

After you grab their attention with thought-provoking copy you need to create the body and story line for your sales copy.

Remember, sales is about more than selling. It’s time to serve with your words and stories.

This is also a good time to pull out your previous client testimonials and use them in your copy.

Pay attention to the language previous clients use to describe your offer and their problem. Jot these words down and use them in all sales copy across the board.

Your prospective client should go “Ah, this actually sounds like me and relates to my needs right now.”

That’s the whole goal of your company right? Serving and relating to your audience on a personal level.

Craft a Near Magical Call to Action

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Hopefully, by now you’ve realized “buy now” isn’t a good call to action.

Instead, tap into those desires and hopes we just discussed previously for a call to action like:

– Unlock Unlimited Marketing Strategies

– Grab Ultimate Real Estate Success

– Capture Your Dream Client ASAP

– Release High-Level Business Strategy

– Step Into Your 7-Figure Life Now

After putting together a few darn good calls to action it’s time to use some sales psychology🥳

We can go to so many different levels with sales psychology but for today I want you to focus on this one tip.

Before writing the final call to action, tell your audience about what they have to lose out on if they don’t hit the invest button.

Reminding them of what they have to lose is the best way to wrap up your entire sales sequence or funnel.

This brings everything you previously discussed into full picture.

Now your prospective client is ready to decide whether they want to transform their business or stay where they’re currently at.

For more on copywriting, or to schedule 1:1 time to upgrade and scale your brand message click here.

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