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Are You Making These 5 Destructive Launch Mistakes? (Sales Page Copywriting Secrets That Convert)

It’s no secret that you’re ready to secure a LIT launch. As an established CEO, you want your course and program clients to get a life-changing experience from your expertise.

You did the leg work and now it’s time for your upcoming clients to benefit from the knowledge you’ve accumulated and packaged up.

There’s only one thing stopping you from accomplishing your launch goals and having a better launch than last time.

These 5 common sales page mistakes will leave you stuck with an unsuccessful launch. Your program or course won’t get the notoriety it deserve.

Your Sales Page chops will make or break your launch. Avoid wasting time with DIY copy when you have tens of thousands of dollars on the line.

Let’s break these sales page mistakes down…

1.Sales page copywriting secrets that convert: Avoid templates

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Sis, I know it’s BEYOND temping to just grab that $37, $57, or $147 sales page and launch email template but stop right in your tracks.

The Facebook ad that just targeted you know you’re launching soon but what they don’t know is that you’re NOT a newbie CEO.

You’ve been at the entrepreneur thing for at least 5 years and have a credible, high-level, premium-priced offer to show for it.

When your marketing your $2k+ offer you need to treat it like its royalty.

Those templates are perfect for newbies and solopreneurs who are just getting started and can’t afford to invest in their business.

But for YOU… you know you have a team, systems, and marketing in place to drive the traffic you need to your sales page.

What will your audience perceive if they see you’re using the same template they’ve seen 1,000 other times in their inbox (yes, that happens)

There’s one more point to make before we go to the next sales page copywriting secret that converts…

Templates do not leave room for human copywriting expertise. All the years a professional copywriter puts into studying words, sales psychology, trying various copy techniques, and winning their clients millions of dollars isn’t for nothing.

This is the type of copy you need to benefit from to hit your next $100k in sales.

2. Avoid leaving out the details (Long-form sales page copy is best!)

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So, when should you use a Sales page and when should you use a Landing page?

Use a Sales Page when you’re marketing a high value offer. Your buyer is most likely analytical buyer who need persuading to invest their hard-earned dollars.

They want to see testimonials and need to see the story you paint about what their life will be like after working with you.

Not to mention all the sales psychology hacks, and word magic that helps your audience to make the right decision about your offer. An incredible sales page serves both you and your audience.

Your audience wins by clearly seeing the benefits of working with you and whether or not then service is right for them, while you benefit by looking like a super star with your offer.

You become the hero of the day when your copywriting is doing the heavy lifting!

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On the flip side, a Landing page is for your email list opt-in or freebie. It will include some of what we mention above but instead of being a long-form sales page it’s short.

The reason the copy is short is because you’re marketing a free or low price offer which doesn’t need much convincing.

This is for impulse buyers or people who click the download button based on how attractive your lower offer is.

The copy here is crucial as well since we do want to grow your email list and move your audience through the funnel, but there’s less at stake which is why they’ll quickly opt-in without much of a second thought.

With that being said you still need to prove that you’re worthy of an email address, or lower-price.

Using one testimonial and being super direct with the copy is the key here.

3. You introduce your offer?

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Since a sales page is a self-hosted page which doesn’t involve your website, understand that some people who view the sales page aren’t familiar with you, let alone what you offer.

Never assume your audience knows everything about you.

Even if there are email subscribers who go to your sales page they may have forgotten who you are.

Take the initiative to thoroughly introduce yourself and your new program no matter how much you’ve posted on social media about it.

There’s also a possibility that newbies are coming to your sales page, ESPECIALLY if you’re running ads, have a podcast, or run a blog.

If people buy from those they trust (and they do!) then you need to lay out who you are plain and simple. All the details matter from testimonials, statics, why you’re a credible expert, what your process is, and how you’re the perfect fit for your audience.

4. Never forget SEO!

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SEO or search engine optimization is the lifeline of so many companies, especially online businesses.

If you hire the right copywriter they’re thinking about your SEO throughout the entire sales page including headlines, sub-headings and paragraphs.

Your sales page copy will link your audience back to your website and produce more credibility for you and your company in the long run. This is another reason it’s important to remain consistent in your sales page copy (even down to the URL)

If you have a company blog it’s an excellent idea to come out with a group of launch posts you can use to help bring traffic to your sales page as you launch in different phases throughout the year.

Knowing the ins and outs of SEO is a difficult feat, but the good news is an SEO Copywriter can do the heavy lifting for you.

5. Attract and repel at all times

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Finally, we’re at our last sales page mistake and this one is the most important.

Think of a Sales Page the way you think of the Buyer’s Journey. Earlier we discussed introducing yourself and your offer thoroughly but from here you need to attract the RIGHT audience and repel the wrong ones.

What happens if you aren’t specific enough in your sales copy and you end up attracting people who aren’t the right fit?

I’ll tell you – you end up with a sales page with tons of traffic…

BUT, low sales aka conversions.

That’s a terrible spot to be in – because you’re so close to hitting your goals but something is amiss with how you’re crafting your marketing message.

Being specific and painting the picture of who your offer is for and not for is crucial to the success of your next launch.

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