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Copywriting and Strategic Marketing Allowed Me to Be a 🌍 Digital Nomad During 2020

2020 was a super tough year for businesses across the world, but somehow in the midst of a pandemic, my business flourished.

I’m not saying this to brag, but rather to inform you on how you can have non-stop business success.

As I reflect on being a digital nomad for one year (we left America in August of 2020 and moved to Tanzania, Africa) I’m dissecting my own copywriting and marketing so you can take these tools and run with them for your own business goals.

Being a digital nomad is no easy feat. People will wonder why you want to leave the beloved western society and why you would bring your family of 6 along with you on the journey.

Keeping The High first is the #1 way to obtain this level of business and life success, but #2 is my marketing strategy.

In this blog, I’m giving you ALL my marketing details so you can uplevel your business and live life on your terms!

How We Became Digital Nomads in a Pandemic

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I started researching traveling and being a digital nomad a little before starting my marketing business in 2017…

Glancing through YouTube videos and watching actual families travel the world amazed me.

In 2020 this became a reality ALL because I stuck to my guns and marketed the hell out of my company.

I’m a Copywriter and Strategist for marketers and coaches who need to establish their industry expertise through email copy, blogs, and sales pages.

By refining my message, telling authentic stories, and displaying my own expertise I was able to have my most successful year in business when the world was crumbling.

So, we packed up our family jumped on a plane, and started our new lives across the world!

When we touched down in Tanzania I had already hired two assistants who would help me market and run my business.

I created SOP (standard operating procedures) as it relates to my marketing strategy so they were enabled to help me bring in more clients on demand.

I service:

– Lawyers

– Marketing Agencies

– Doctors

– Realtors

– Business Coaches

These are actually the same clients I serve today which shows you the CONSISTENCY in my brand message and business overall.

This leads to my next point. The marketing strategy I used to make my dreams come true…

This is The Marketing Strategy I Used

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I’ve always been a writer, from the time I was a young girl so in business it’s no different.

In fact, my entire business was based on my starting a blog in 2016.

Everything I learned from white labeling with marketing agencies, studying the BEST copywriters, and lots of trial and error helped me to get REAL results for my clients.

It’s simple. I use one BULK piece of content and stay on topic from there.

At any given time this could be a video on IGTV or a blog like this one. Some gurus will say pick one or the other but this works best for me and my clients.

The absolute truth is you NEED to increase your visibility as a business.

The ONLY way to do that is to create content on various platforms.

But, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Your bulk piece of content (blog or video) can be created first on your website or FB, or IG. Then repurpose it to Twitter, LinkedIn, Guest posts, email, and even Medium.

Once you establish that area of your marketing funnel you need to refine your message in terms of your copywriting.

What power words correlate with your business?

Do you have a batch of call-to-action templates created specifically for your offers?

Do you know sales copy as a science? Can you hire someone who does?

* For me the good part is I’m a Copywriter so I study these formulas, practice the science of copy (sorry, it’s NOT magic) and understand sales psychology.

Once all of these marketing tactics are in place you can hire people on the backend to help you manage your company effectively.

Content Strategy 101: Digital Nomad Edition

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Before I close out this blog I’m going to lay out how often I create blogs, email my list, and post on social so you know whether or not you’re ready to invest in your sales copy.

Before hiring a copywriter you NEED to have an established company, leads, and website traffic.

To bring in leads consistently you can use various paid and organic strategies but here are my favorites.

Using a Blog or IGTV as your main piece of content that addresses sales objections up front is the BEST way to bring in new leads who already want to buy…

From there, I funnel them into my email list where a Welcome Sequence is set up (as a 6-day challenge) with links to schedule consultations and use my services.

This is automated so anyone can sign up at any time – even when I’m asleep as long as I’m bringing in new leads.

I also use Instagram and Facebook to bring in new leads by sharing blogs, and videos.

Sometimes clients will wait on my email list for months before purchasing, which is why it’s crucial to email your subscribers consistently while using storytelling and copywriting.

But, most times they’ll schedule a call ASAP because of the content I produce.

This is How I Became a Digital Nomad, and this is the SAME way you can increase your revenue, hire more teammates, and leave a lasting legacy for your family.

Questions? Drop them below or email me:

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