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Meet Jianna!

…They said don’t push yet, but I ran to the bathroom and jumped in our blow up pool – with a loud yell she was completely out in ONE push!

That was the extent of my favorite part of birth but let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

It’s Monday July, 5th.

If you follow me on IG you are aware that my family and I recently became digital nomads living in a Tanzania, Africa during C19.

Our day starts out pretty normal.

I eat French toast and eggs with some tea. It’s a Sunday so I’m basically relaxing and planning out the week.

As I approach 38 weeks pregnant I’m wondering if Jianna will be like our 3rd child and take her sweet old time getting out.

The Sudden Call

Suddenly the midwife texts me and asks if we can speak in an hour or so.

I oblige and give her a ring…

While on the phone she gives me news that she just broke her ankle and wouldn’t be able to attend the birth😩😯

I’m bummed for her foot but I know she needs time to rest and heal.

So, the logical thought would be to just do a hospital birth right?


There’s nothing wrong with hospitals here.

I actually like them.

But, from all my prepping, Hypnobirthing, researching natural, home births & buying a pool I was too pumped to have this baby in our home.

I did ALL of this preparation from the time I found out I was pregnant until now and I wasn’t going to let it be in vain!

Oh, Shoot – It’s Almost Labor Time

It’s about 6pm now. I noticed my Braxton Hicks seemed a bit stronger than usual.

I walked around our yard twice and called my friend (more like sister) Dominique.

She’s no midwife but I figured I also wanted a female presence there for support instead of it being just me and my husband.

I tell my husband I lost my mucus plug and that I’m pretty sure she’s coming soon.

He prepares everything and starts acting nervous😂😩

Pacing back and forth while I’m just in the best mood ever.

A few hours pass and the contractions get heavier.

My friend is here now and she’s helping with the children down stairs while I stay upstairs and breathe through the contractions, move, and pave my body.

I’m listening to music and doing different things. Around 9pm I get in the pool. The water helps with pain – it dulls it.

I can feel they’re progressively getting stronger – even in the water and I ask my husband to call the midwife so she’ll at least be on the phone.

We’re playing worship music, my husband is massaging my back, and my friend is helping us keep the pool warm.

Epidural ALL the Other Times? Now, We Are Moving – QUICKLY

Disclaimer: Even though I was in labor for 7 hours this is one of the longest labors I’ve had.

My friend is reminding me we may need to get out the pool and walk around to move the baby down.

I soooo, did not want to do that at the moment.

Let me enjoy this little bit of rest…

But, we have work to do, right?

So, I get out.

It’s around 11 pm and the pain is nearly unbearable.

I can’t focus anymore.

I don’t know what I’m saying or doing and I can’t manage to get comfy through the contractions.

I remember looking at my husband and saying “I don’t know what to do.”

I wasn’t defeated but I wasn’t fighting my body either.

That’s one thing I learned in Hypnobirthing.

Don’t fight it, don’t tense, and welcome the sensations.

Right now I can’t hear the music playing, I’m laying on the bed after walking some and the pain is sending a throbbing sensation through my lower body.

They’re LONG now! 90-second contractions.

By the way, we never knew how dilated I was from start to finish since none of us are professionals here.

I lay down and release myself.

I let the pain take over completely. I just wanted it to be over.

I reach for my friend’s hands through the contractions. It’s about 1:30 am.

“Breathe Tiffany”

“You’re doing good, but breathe through it”

I start making strange noises and sighs because I don’t know what else to do and it seemed to help me.

My Water Broke and I Jumped In The Pool ASAP

WARNING: This part is glorious and hilarious all at the same time!!

I tell the midwife on the phone I need to push and she says no.

Maybe 10-15 minutes later I think I have to pee.

I tell my husband and I’m leaning on him completely trying to move through a contraction and sit on the toilet.

I suddenly hear a “POP.” Oh, hey there – my water broke.

Then this insane urge came over me. Her head was right there – she wasn’t going to come out on the toilet if I didn’t move.

I jumped off the toilet and into the pool – LITERALLY, my husband was like what the hell?🤣

I instinctively bear down while leaning in the side of the tub and with one yell she’s completely out! That quick!

My husband goes: “Look it’s a baby.”

He’s so shocked it happened that quickly.

I was too.

I didn’t even feel how hard the contractions was. I felt the infamous “ring of fire” but it didn’t hurt the way I thought it would.

That’s it.

That’s the story of our unassisted, unmedicated, home birth🙏🏾

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