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The Secret to Email Newsletters That Serve + Convert Like Crazy [Email Marketing for Service Businesses]

Those eye-catching emails that leave you ready to whip your wallet out and purchase a product aren’t created on a whim.

In fact, the company behind those emails has an entire strategy down packed so people like you will feel moved to buy their product or service.

As an entrepreneur, this is the same feeling you want your audience to feel when they open your emails.

Whether you’re giving an exclusive industry tip, letting them in behind the scenes, or promoting a service the end goal is always for your audience to take swift action.

In this blog I’m breaking down the formula I use and my clients use to convert their subscribers and stop leaving money on the table.

First, Get Ya Mind Right [Email Marketing for Service Businesses]

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The mindset you have surrounding your business, offers, marketing, and selling is blocking you from expansion.

Marketing is a numbers game so we have to be fearlessly strategic with how we market our business and the message we put out.

That means:

– You shouldn’t be afraid of consistency (yes, your audience already wants to hear from you – they wouldn’t opt-in if they didn’t value your company)

– Your expertise is UNIQUE + UNDENIABLE

– Email is far from dead

– Monthly updates with no call to action and strategy aren’t going to produce sales or an engaged community

I already know what you’re thinking…

“Tiffany that sounds nice but how do I know what your saying is true?”

Check out these email marketing screen shots:

Email Analytics B2B

That’s the average open rate for email newsletters, analytics for a Welcome Sequence Automation, and click-through rate for one email.

Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves, now onto the next point.

Here’s the Formula for Winning Emails

Creating email campaigns for your service based business doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with this premium 7 step formula you’ll be able to market to your list effectively every time without missing out on sales and increased engagement (open rates, click through rates)

This is the unique formula I created for myself and my service provider clients. This winning email marketing formula is guaranteed to get you the results you desire if you stay consistent with it.

Go through the slide show to learn more about the email marketing process. I also want to inform you that the key to increasing your open rates is to target the curiosity within your audience base.

Curiosity is the feeling that gets people to open emails ASAP.

Think about some of the emails you most recently opened – I bet they include some aspect of curiosity to make you wonder about what they’re talking about.

Avoid These Email Marketing PitFalls When Creating Campaigns

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Alright, so I showed you what you should do when creating email newsletters but now we need to discuss what you don’t need to do.

This is crucial – I need you to remember this information, share it with your team, and even take notes because these are the top reasons business owners lose money on email marketing and experience low engagement rates.

Avoid the following email newsletter pitfalls:

  • Speaking to your audience in the form of “you guys” instead of you (aka plural form)
  • Emailing our audience 1x per month
  • Emailing your audience without a content strategy that aligns with your business goals
  • Using too many graphics in your emails (take a look at open rates – if they’re low this might be the cause)
  • Using spammy words like “free” and “buy” in your emails (email providers are smart now – you will be sent to spam automatically if they trace these words)
  • Not utilizing professional email marketers and copywriters (winging it on your own is going to keep you in the same spot – you must invest in email marketing if you want to stop leaving money on the table)
  • Not having a “Welcome Sequence” even if everything is good in your service-based business right now chances are there will come a time when you need automation to do some of the lifting for you

So, What’s The ROI of Email Marketing for a Service Provider?

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Return on Investment looks different for each business because every business has different business goals.

If you’re relaunching a premium service or selling something with a high price tag your email strategy and ROI looks different than someone who is marketing their product based business.

Here are a few indicators of ROI that service providers can look at as they start understanding their email marketing goals:

  • Course Signups
  • Lead Magnet Signups
  • Increase Open Rates
  • Increase Click-Through Rates
  • More subscriber-ship
  • Increased Calls and Inquiries

You will not know which one of these you can expect or target until you sit down and look at your business goals, how long your email list has been running, where your subscribers come from, and what phase of email marketing you’re in.

Someone with a list of 30,000 highly engaged subscribers is going to have different goals than someone with a list of 300 subscribers who are rarely engaged.

Most service providers find that having a small list still yields large revenue for their business. Why? Because these companies have high-priced services which means they only need to bring in 1-5 new clients at any given time.

The key here is to keep the community engaged. Even your subscribers wait on your list and don’t contact you until they’ve been on your email list for 18 months that’s still a WIN for your business.

*Remember long-term marketing yields long-term results – especially for highly-priced services*


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To sum up this blog your most important takeaways are to learn email marketing or hire a professional, keep an eye out for email marketing pitfalls, and understand the strategy behind each email you’re sending.

Service providers in 2021 and beyond have to understand the importance of email and how it plays a part in the larger content marketing strategy for your business.

Whether you’re a Financial Coach, Social Media Expert, Business Coach or another type of service based business you’re leaving money on the table when you avoid building your email list and marketing to them efficiently.

Seeing email marketing as a worthy investment instead of a cost that won’t bring in ROI is the difference between increasing your revenue and staying stagnant for years to come.

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  1. Mrs.Tiffany, (sorry for not destroying your name, that is why I left it out) no disrespect to your husband. You again prove you are worth your weight in Gold!
    Your amazing breakdown of just what it takes to capture the customer & how to address them, is priceless. My hope & pray is that my daughter’s could learn how to use these same skills, to better themselves in the entrepreneur field that they are heading towards!

    Thank-you again for your pointed, effective words, that carry power, along with knowledge to the diaspora!

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