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Review: Joy Crowned Natural Hair Products

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a review but I came across this amazing company called Joy Crowned Products. 

As a 4b/4c natural hair girl, I’m always on the lookout for products that are organic, locally owned/small business and that actually work with my hair. 4c hair care starts with making sure your hair is thoroughly moisturized and this line is perfect for that.

Sis, let me tell you a little bit about the background of this company. Their products are created in Toledo, Ohio. A nursing student realized that the majority of natural hair products had some kind of drying agent or chemical that actually damaged the hair instead of nurturing it.

So, she set out to create an affordable, organic hair care line. I know what you’re thinking (another hair care line) but you know just as well as I do that not every line who makes products creates natural hair care that will work on your type of hair.

No worries I’ll give you my honest opinion:

Does it work?

The short answer is hell yes!

My hair is frizzy, curly and kinky all at the same time. It’s super thick and tends to become super dry. Joy Crowned has my hair feeling super soft and healthy.

It’s winter and I’ve been stressing the importance of keeping my ends healthy so I used their S&S Hair Elixir for my scalp and ends while using the Whipped Shea Butter to make my strands strong and healthy.

I have low porosity hair which means it’s difficult for oils, creams, and moisture, in general, to work on hair. Let me tell you, the oil removed my dandruff, and the Whipped Shea Butter had my curls poppin’ after my wash n’ go.

I also tried their lemon scrub which smells amazing. I don’t know how they got these scents down but this stuff smells so fresh it makes you feel like you’re at some kind of spa right in the comfort of your own home.

I truly think more of us should be aware of this brand because the way their products look, smell and feel is uncanny (I’m in awe)

Here’s the thing

I love seeing  4c natural hair care products coming through but sometimes when you try a certain line (whether it’s local or a big name) the products simply don’t work and can even make your hair feel heavy and weighed down.

I remember trying a certain brand that left little balls in my hair (maybe it wasn’t whipped enough).

Joy Crowned delivered 110%. The packaging looks amazing, clean and professional and better than that, the products actually WORK!

You know a hair care line works when your curls are left feeling looking lavish and lively after use. The weightlessness of this line is peerrfect (because I hate product build up and limp hair)

Bottom Line

natural hair care products

I’ll use this line again. Especially their oils and creams because my 4c hair and scalp always has annoying dandruff and these coils could use some love from an organic brand. Their use of essential oils in the products makes it pop out from other brands.

(I literally hold the jar up to my face just to smell the contents)

But, don’t take my word for it. They’re affordable and organic so why not head over to Joy Crowned and get something you like.




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