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How to Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Discover how to use Pinterest for your marketing need whether you’re a blogger, business owner, brand or entrepreneur. Originally Pinterest was most commonly used for those awesome DIYs, new ideas and as a way to promote creativity.

The social site has only expanded from there and is actually one of the best social sites to use for marketing if you’re in the wellness, health, fitness, B2B, and creativity infused industries.

What makes this site so special? You can get thousands of views quickly which turns into web traffic and sales if you’re trying to sell a service or product. When learning how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool you need to remember that you have to be consistent and persistent.

Pinterest is one of those sites that takes time but yields amazing results down the line. Simply “pin” your blog posts and posts from other accounts to gain a massive following. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Pinterest business account for the win

pinterest for marketing

Using your regular user account won’t cut it when you’re trying to gain a following and increase web traffic. You’ll need to make the switch to a business account for the following reasons:

  • track your analytics
  • they require you to do it
  • promotion (yes ads)
  • new leads

When you’re branded as a business on Pinterest they have a way of helping you to monetize your brand and gain awareness through “rich pins.” Think of these as branded content so other users or businesses will know you are a business entity yourself.

Everything changed once I switched my profile from a regular user to a business account. They also allow you to claim your website which yields amazing benefits for exposure.

You better pin constantly for optimum growth

pinterest stats.JPG

Feel free to take a look at my stats for last month. Surprisingly I spend very little time on Pinterest and simply pinned over 10 pins in one day to grow my views so quickly. Now, imagine if you put your all or hire a professional to get the growth done for you.

Here’s the thing though, pinning 1 posts a day every day isn’t going to cut it. You need to post 5-7 posts a day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “what the hell am I supposed to post that often.” You don’t have to only post your content, save pins from industry leaders and those in your niche. (That’s what Pinterest is for anyway)

Follow your competition and learn from them. You can even join group boards and interact to increase your views and following even quicker.

Best social spot for blogging

pinterest for small business owners

Now I love Instagram and Twitter just like the next person but Pinterest is KING for blogging. Bloggers gain a massive amount of exposure from doing the steps I mentioned above.

If you have a company business blog and you want to gain some attention then this site is the way to go! Use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your blog and combine a few keywords in your bio and descriptions to get stellar results.

SEO and keywords for descriptions and bios


Similar to search engines like Google and YouTube keywords and phrases can and should be used to increase views.

In your bio include words that describe who you are and who your company is. These should be phrases that users would enter to find a company or brand like yours. Remember to avoid using hashtags because unlike Twitter and Instagram Pinterest doesn’t use them at all and using them may even backfire.

Now you know, what happens next?

pinterest as a marketing tool

This short introduction to Pinterest is enough to get your business account started. Pinterest for small business owners yields amazing results and you can even start a business account for a local start-up company.

Make sure to not only pin others content but create your own content as well. A healthy mix of the two gets you a large following and increased web traffic.

Provide links in your descriptions and be sure to make niched boards for each topic you’d like to cover.

Whether you’re a blogger, influencer, realtor, lawyer, marketing agency or coach Pinterest will change your business like never before, but don’t take my word for it. Start it yourself and watch the exposure flood in.


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