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Are You Present in the Moment?


How to be Present in the MOMENT

We’ve all experienced those times where we are kind of on auto mode. Whether it is at work, driving or in the comfort of your own home. You drive somewhere and don’t remember the actual drive, or you go through your daily tasks not really paying attention to the world around you.

Being present in the moment is practicing mindfulness.

We need to practice being in the moment because you never know when will be your last moment.

You may be wrapped up in the future, your daily tasks for tomorrow at work, or what you’ll say to someone, or even deciding how you’ll get an important project done. Face it, we are all busy in different ways.

Our kids, friends or significant others value our time with them. In our society technology and social media distract us from being present when we’re with our loved ones.


Here are a few steps you could take to help with being mindful:

1. Put your phone away, or turn it off
2. Ask meaningful questions to catch up with family and friends
3. Take a deep breathe and really look at your surroundings and what is going on around you
4. Be aware of what you’re eating or snacking on
5. Take time to do daily deep breathing in attempt to prepare or reflect on the day

Mindful eating is important as well. Too often we are caught in our favorite TV show and grab a bag of chips while in auto mode, not really thinking about making a healthier choice.

Being more mindful will help you to be healthier, achieve your goals, and have more time for what REALLY matters.

Once you set a few goals each day towards mindfulness, it will become a part of you. You’ll do it automatically and begin to really reflect and enjoy life.

Mindfulness or being present in the moment really gives our lives meaning. Too many things in our lives are taken for granted, people too, and life is way to short to waste anytime.

What could you change in your life or every day routine to become more mindful of your surroundings?



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