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BABY, Your Hair is Good Hair!

Baby, Your hair, is GOOD hair!

Have you ever heard someone say that a certain type of hair is “good hair” and another is “bad”?

I know you’ve heard it if you’re black and probably have heard it even if you’re not. Well, I’m here to tell you that your hair is GOOD hair no matter how kinky, curly or hard to manage it may be. It’s good because your creator endowed you with it. You make your hair, your face, smile eyes and even personality!

How shallow is our society anyway, to say that one person’s hair is better than another? How can hair be bad? Hair is an object, it cannot do anything except grow from our scalps. So, in all honesty, it is neither good or bad. It’s just HAIR! Personalities, attitudes, and people can be good or bad not hair!

So wear your luscious, and beautiful good hair. Love it, embrace it because it is a part of you. We’re all so unique, everything about us differs from person to person.

Next time you hear someone saying this educate them on the reality that hair doesn’t make a person. Hair is neither good or bad. Rather than looking at something and superficial as hair to judge a person by, how about you judge them by their kindness, humility, and ability to forgive.

Why have we become so superficial? Looks are everything in today’s world. What happened to honor, charity, intelligence and so on?

I was watching a video on Facebook (of course) with a mother who took her 6-month-old son to get a haircut because he had “bad hair”. This baby was in the chair screaming and crying while the mother attempted to hold his head still.

I’ll be so happy when we can reach the point where we no longer give priority to the physical aspect or appearance and can appreciate people for who they are and what their uniqueness brings to the world. Until that day, don’t forget… Baby you hair is good hair, your hair is BEAUTIFUL and unique just like you!





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