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Potential and Preperation 

What is potential? The ability to have certain traits and circumstance that could lead to your success?

Your personality, attitude, energy level and even intelligence.
Is potential the set of skills that you’re naturally born with? Could it also be the energy that is within you to have the ability to do a certain task.

Potential is something you must grow, feed, and take care of.
So you have the potential. I believe all of us do, we just have to find it and CULTIVATE it into something so spectacular that the whole world will be mesmerized.

You have to believe in you, once you do, figure out what your potential is in. Maybe you have potential in multiple things.

We need to stop putting all our time to one task when we have the brain power to efficiently be excellent at whatever we please.
How do you prep your potential to take form into your greatest aspirations? Blue prints, lists, planning, undying determination, some failures, and most of all a passion for what you’re doing.

At any given moment we only use 10% of our brain power!!! So what about the other 90?
Potential and preparation are essential to living a successful life.

Let’s get something straight. Success does not equal money!! No, success is achieving your dreams, attaining happiness and living and walking in your purpose.

Recognize your potential, make note of how excellent you are at certain things. Next prepare.

Put in the time and thought into making your dreams a reality.
Potential an preperation will lead you to your PURPOSE in this world.

Sometimes life prepares us for a higher purpose that we had no prior knowledge of. Sometimes you prepare and harvest potential throughout your life without even realizing it.

When you mixed preperation with potential your on a rocket to self fulfilling achievement.

Be mindful in this moment, you need to be able to see CLEARLY to get done the task at hand.

What comes to mind? Is there some project you’ve been neglecting? Some dream that is on hold? An idea that is waiting to surface!?

Your potential and preperation are KEY to getting started. Once you start who can stop you right?

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