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It came out of no where. Her deep coffee toned eyes peered into the dark hall way. What was out there anyway? What was that noise? It couldn’t have been him, he wouldn’t be back for another 14 hours or so. Still, she stayed in the safety of the closet, trying to get a glimpse of this unknown stranger in their house. Moments passed, it felt like forever, sitting watching this shawdow.

It had to be a he. She couldn’t see the face or any hair but she assumed by the way it moved it must have been a man. Suddenly he got closer with each step. Could he see where she was hiding? He couldn’t have. It was pitch dark. The steps continued, closer and closer, she gripped her hand over her mouth, trying to quiet her loud and anxious breathing. He stopped. What was he doing. Searching for money? As if they kept anything worth taking in their house.

The door crept open. To her horror, her surprise she saw a familiar face. He hadn’t seen her yet, she was in a ball on the floor. His eyes roamed the closet. He looked upon the shelf, threw everything down. What was he looking for? He maneuvered his hands perhaps to find a light switch. Little did he know it was around the corner placed with all the other switches. He stroked the walls of the closet, getting closer to her. His hands sat beside her. She remained still, out of sight, but she couldn’t bare it any longer.

She lunged at him, she took him to the ground. Panicked he flung her off of him. He didn’t say a word. She got up to run, where should she go? The neighbors? She darted through the hall way, dashed around sharp corners in attempt to trip him up. The door was within reach just as she pulled to open it….

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