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How Writing 3 Hours per Day Grows My Business

As I gazed over the lake and immersed myself in the ultimate creation (nature) I realized that rest is the most vital ingredient for a successful life and business.

We spent a few days in the mountain region of Tanzania (Africa) and it taught me soo much about business and marketing in today’s political and economic climate.

The marketing guru’s and YouTubers love to give you productivity hacks, telling you to learn more frameworks, and always do MORE.

But, most of the time doing more is doing less.

This may seem counter intuitive but in this blog I’m breaking down my business strategy that is centralized on rest and reflection.

At the end of the day, I allow words, strategy, story-telling, and nature to do the heavy lifting in my business so I can make 4–5 figures per month consistently.

(Mind you, I’m also a digital nomad and have been, going on 4 years in 2024!)

Let’s get into this…

Another $50k is locked in your brain…

There’s literally a surplus of money locked in your brain, but due to the way we now live life, always busy, rarely reflecting and having the 9–5 employer breathing down your shoulder — you feel as if our brain has nothing to offer but mind fog and a headache.

My friend, this mindset is your greatest enemy.

If you take more time to rest and reflect you’ll find out your values are the thing that have the power to position you as an industry leader.

Whether you want to go full-time with content creation, move across the world (like we did) or create a business that funds your lifestyle and gives you more freetime — the key is to reflect and understand your unique experiences, mindset, values, and story.

Becoming who you’re meant to be and sharing that

Do you know who you’re meant to be?

I know, this seems like an extremely deep and daunting question to ask.

I asked myself this when I was in nursing school and unfilled with my work.

I thought I desired a life in health care forever but the root of me and who I have always been is a writer.

Which is why I’m an Email Copywriter today and have been since 2016.

Let me give you a few journal prompts to help you figure out which way to transition your life and business:

  • Without worrying about money and bills, what gives you the MOST joy?
  • Who are you (use ONLY 3 words)
  • I feel ______ when I allow myself to rest and be creative
  • The business model that best suites me is one that allows me to ________

With these answers (I sincerely hope you wrote them down!) You’ll be able to pinpoint where you are right now and where you would like to be in life

You can continue this work to figure out which business model and marketing strategy works best for you by downloading 21 Client Attracting Marketing Strategies >>

Creating a Writing Strategy That Translates to a Life You Desire

This is the final step you need to leverage now, so you can live the life you’re called to live.

Which social ideals do you believe in?

What circumstances in your past can you use today to educate, nurture, and provide an invaluable perspective that people need today.

Part of unleashing your inner potential is understanding how our world operates today and what you’d like to change about it.

Once you have that down you want to identify your Minimum Viable Market.

“Minimum Viable Segment is about focusing on a market segment of potential customers with the same needs to which you can align.

Defining and focusing on your MVS is vital because, without it, potential users who have divergent needs will quickly pull your MVP in many different directions.” — Thanks Underscore VC

Businesses today are come and go as quicckly as ever, and if you want to stand the test of time, you need to consistently show up for the smallest segment of people that believe the same things you believe and assist them to live out their desires and dreams.

As you cultivate a sense of rest, reflection and realizing where your extreme value is, and where you fit in the market → you’ll realize your pipeline is full of people who are begging to learn from you, be mentored by you, and who need your specific area of genius.

– Tiffy G Writes

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