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3 Steps to Avoid Sending Your Launch into a Bottomless Pit: Product launch strategy

Q4 is approaching quickly, and right now, you’re most concerned with ensuring your launch is profitable, simple, and produces the desired results. 

Without knowing how to set up your product launch strategy properly, you risk watching money slip through your fingertips and down the drain. 

But, a solution here will position you to create 3x to 4x the impact and income. 

Here are the core areas we need to focus on. 

  • Amplifying what works already 
  • Mastering your story (which should be your customer’s story 😉)
  • Combining sales page copy with magnetic emails 

Let’s dive in so you can be well on your way towards saving for your next vacation, resting more, and expanding your territory with other investments. 

Amplification is The Secret Sauce: Product Launch Strategy

Ask any successful and established business owner you look up to. 

You only want to duplicate WHAT WORKS. 

But, how do you find these areas? 

Here are a few questions to lead you to a breadcrumb trail straight to clarity in your launch strategy. 

  1. Am I targeting the right buyer? 
  2. Is my message clear, and do I have proof of that? (recent testimonials, client feedback, data about why they’re interested in your brand) 
  3. Which channels have created the most income and impact over the last two years? (Focus on those, then add email to amplify!)

Mastering Your Story (HINT: You’re not the hero here) 

It is so easy for us as entrepreneurs to want the story and focus to be about us. 

But, we rub our community with their own story when we position our brand this way. 

We also rob our pockets of revenue, send the business down the drain, and wake up stressed, thinking – What went wrong? 😑 

See, I want you to grab this info and use it as an arsenal to plunge your business forward. 

Ready? I’m giving you the key 🔑 

Begin shifting your mind from “This story is about me” to…

  • What does my audience need to hear from me?
  • How can I empower my community today with my content? 
  • Is what I’m teaching on target with their end goal? 
  • What story do I need to tell to help them imagine life before, during, and after working with me?

When you shift your mindset and become more empathetic, you create a sense of trust and credibility with your audience. This is the ultimate product launch strategy.

No longer are you the person “up there looking down.”

You’re the friend, maybe even guide, that is here to assist your ideal client through their most challenging problem yet. 

Oh, and when you help them, come on the other side of that? 

They will be your private PR team, a loyal client who invests repeatedly, and a true friend of you and your work. 

So, in the end, you both WIN🤲🏾

Magnetic Sales Pages Need Emails, and Vice Versa 

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Hello, more income, impact, and global connections 👋🏾 

Let’s dissect the reasoning behind sales pages and emails combined. 

Too often, I see folks on IG who have a great sales page but no email funnel to accompany it… 


And out of date email sequence that only has three emails… 


Excellent social media copy but no sales page or email sequence for the launch. 

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a course creator or consultant. 


Let’s look at these statistics and sift through trending ideas to decide if emails and sales page copy still work: 

  • The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%.
  • Personalized CTAs perform 202% better.
  • Only 17% of marketers use A/B testing to optimize landing pages.
  • Minimizing distractions improves landing page conversions by 10%.
  • 55% of landing page submissions come from lead magnets

Interesting right? Let’s move on to email… 

  • On average, 51% of businesses are using automation to refine their marketing processes. – Email Monday
  • Trigger-based emails – also known as transactional emails – outperform batch and nurture ones and are three times more efficient. – Imagination
  • The three major benefits of email automation for businesses are saving time (30%), lead generation (22%), and an increase in revenue (17%). – GetResponse

In our new age of AI and the internet, people aren’t sure who to trust. The best way to establish trust in your launch (even when people are familiar with your brand) is to over-communicate and dive deep into product marketing (pulling essential details from your offer, of course)

// Ready to build a Magnetic Launch? Let’s work together to establish a launch that attracts high-quality clients and persuades them on command with the written word.

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