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Letter to My Unborn 8-Month-Old Child

My darling.

I know you can’t wait to meet me and your family; you have two older brothers and two sisters, but just wait a bit longer.

You see when we finally meet, it will be as if the world stands still.

For a moment, everything will stop as I gaze into your eyes and behold your beauty, cute tiny hands, squishy feet, and smell that newborn baby smell you’ll carry for weeks.

My darling.

Last week you tried to come too early; I know you’d like to see the world and that you’re fierce, ready to experience everything coming, but it isn’t your time yet.

Wait a little while longer, and then we can meet.

I know you were a bit scared when those early labor contractions came.

I admit, so was I – that’s what I started singing that song you’ve heard before: “Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluyah, one of your older sisters loves to sing it and play guitar too.

I imagine you will be like that.

Whenever you’re afraid, you can sing that song too; it will bring comfort, peace, and still everything around you.

That’s when those contractions slowed, and I knew you’d be alright.

My darling.

Wait a little longer, daylight will come, and you’ll be in my arms, wrapped right around me.

Some days you’ll watch me walk around with you in the hot Tanzanian sun, and some days you’ll sit cozily on my back while I write.

I love to write, and it has always been a safe haven for me.

When you’re older, I’ll help you find what you love to do.

Maybe you will dance to new tunes.

Or sing in the rain.

Or play guitar when the world seems heavy.

Or create beautiful illustrations of graphics.

Both sides of your family are filled with creativity, music, writing, and a divine call.

I can’t wait to tell you about it.

For now, I can promise you that we’ll have a lot of fun.

We’re always traveling and going on some new adventure (I have a few ideas in mind my love)

And you’ll know The Most High He’s well acquainted with us and us with Him.

You’ll have lots of fun with your brothers and sisters although you’ll also argue too – it’s ok, that’s part of growing up.

You’ll be free – we’ll teach you how to become entrepreneurs, travelers, and whatever else you’d like to be.

Maybe you’ll want to live near a mountain and play guitar while visiting the city only sometimes.

Maybe you’ll be a farmer.

Whatever awaits you, we’ll go through it together.

I’m mommy, and in my arms, you’ll always find a home – even long after I’m gone.

My love for you is eternal, undying, it cannot be fathomed.

Soo rest, my darling – we will meet soon.

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