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Your Multi 6-Figure Sales Page Formula in 3 Simple Steps

Here we are, at the brink of 2024 and these past few years post-pandemic have taught online entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere the power of having an optimized sales page.

Without it, you risk losing thousands of dollars, leads, and business growth you could have otherwise capitalized on.

So, what separates a good sales or landing page from one that is incredibly persuasive, empathetic, and provoking all at the same time?

The right story, to the right people, at the right time…

The art of creating a client-winning & revenue-generating sales page isn’t for the faint of heart.

Let’s set the tone for this blog with 3 statistics and then we’ll dig into the 3 elements you need to win more clients and customers on demand.

  1. As far as channels, email converts best at 13.0% (Growth Marketing Pro)
  2. 9 out of 10 customers trust reviews and testimonials on landing pages (Growth Marketing Pro)
  3. CTAs that are personalized convert up to 202% better (Growth Marketing Pro)

As you can see, combining a sales page with the right email strategy, story-telling mechanisms, and personalization yields out-of-this-world results.

Here is a quick breakdown of each element we are discussing today:

  1. Tell stories like your life depends on it
  2. A Sales page is one piece in a larger marketing puzzle
  3. Use personalization to seal the deal with curious clients

The Art of Story-Telling (Like Your Life Depends on It)

What does it take to tell your audience the right story? Many businesses and marketing companies avoid putting 100% of their effort into the market research it takes to tell the right story.

This foundation in marketing has the power to make or break your business literally.

The right story woos an audience and makes people feel right at home while reading your copy and content while the wrong story dissatisfies readers, leaves them confused, and leaves your bank account on $0.

Story-telling is truly about getting the right details on your ideal clients than typing words on a landing page.

Here are a few questions you need to ask before forming the right story for the right person:

  • How old is your ideal client?
  • What type of neighborhood do they live in?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What kind of business owners are they?
  • Is tech too complicated for them?
  • What do they think about before going to bed?
  • Do they have children?
  • What is the legacy they want to leave with the world?
  • How does your offer help them solve their largest problem?
  • What is their personality type? Do they like stern, straight-to-the-point communications, or vivid content with a hint of sarcasm?

These questions are the tip of the iceberg when finding out what your ideal clients desire in life. These small details seem minute at first, but they help you draft the perfect story.

Take a look at these sample sales pages from previous clients that generate 4x ROI:

Real Estate Sales Page.

Finance/Business Consulting Sales Page.

If you can follow the elements in the above sales pages you’ll see a theme. We will break down this theme in the last paragraph.

Your Sales Pages is Just ONE Piece of the Larger Marketing Puzzle

Think of your landing or sales page as the entryway into the rest of your marketing funnel.

When an ideal client finds this page from Google Ads or YouTube, or Facebook they’re captivated because you’ve named a problem they’re experiencing right off the bat.

Then as they open the door, (read your sales page) you take them around the house and show them all the possibilities they have aka the benefits of your offers.

After that, as they’re being led throughout the house you show them social proof (testimonials) and allow them to see the balcony view of the house.

In their mind, they start picturing what life is like when they live in the said house (aka buy your offer). They can picture a newly transformed life that meets their immediate needs and desires.

Then, you pull in strong statistics to back up your stance and help them make a decision.

Finally, they’re met with smiles (excellent customer service) on the way out of the house and you add in a few bonus treats (upsells and email nurture campaigns) to stay in touch with them.

I want you to see your sales page as just one aspect of an overall customer journey where each word from the page is strategic and meant to guide them through your marketing funnel. For you this may look like:

  • An ad to the sales page to an email sequence
  • A podcast to sales page to an email sequence
  • A Facebook ad to the sales page to phone call/sales call
  • A blog to social media page to the sales page and then email sequence

Can you see your optimized sales page fitting into the bigger picture of your campaigns and brand strategy?

Personalization Will Seal The Deal Every Time

Personalizing the way you create copy and content on the sales page includes remembering those details from your buyer persona, telling stories that actually relate to your ideal client, and having the innate ability to read your ideal client’s thoughts as they’re going through the page.

Think about a time you went on a date. You probably relate to people better when you feel like they not only hear you, but deeply understand your desires, your way of thinking, and even your background.

This is where excellent storytelling comes into play.

Here are a few main stories and an objective outline of what your Sales Page should look like:

  • Captivating Headline 1 (Use power words to discuss a large problem in your clients life)
  • Subheading: Blow their mind and halfway tell them about the solution
  • Story 1: Where they are right now (searching Google, trying to find an accountant etc…)
  • Intro Story: Who your business is and how you serve clients
  • Testimonials
  • Headline 2: Use power words to talk about their dreams and where they want to be
  • Story 2: Tell them about the possibilities after using your offers
  • Intro to Your Offers
  • Story 3: Offer Breakdown and Syllabus w/Testimonials
  • Headline 3: Benefits over Features and Tangible Lifestyle Outcomes they Can Expect After Working with Your Brand
  • Story 4: (final!) Tell them about how they can take your program, course, or tech offering and paint the picture of what life looks like in the next few weeks or months
  • Call to Actions: Should be listed throughout the sales page but this final call to action is going to put the ball back in their court and inform them on what they have to lose and gain
  • **Where applicable add in some sort of urgency and bonuses and reiterate the above bullets in short


As we head deeper into the digital era your landing page or sales pages needs to do the heavy lifting in your business.

With the right strategy, market research, and story-telling you can move suspicious readers to enthused fans of your brand ready to whip out their credit cards (& hopefully tell others too!)

If you’d like 1:1 assistance with writing your sales page email & let’s get you a radical increase in revenue and sales!

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