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3 Costly Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022 and Beyond

We all know 2021 flew by and now it’s time to think about our 2022 business goals and marketing goals.

There are a few mistakes we make along the way, and I’ve noticed business owners this year have taken routes towards their marketing strategy only to realize they should have done things differently to get the desired result.

In the internet age so many professionals pop up with different marketing strategies but when it comes down to it, you have to do what works for your company.

Use proven marketing strategies that have already shown results for your company then, you can take the initiative towards other strategies.

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Now let’s get into it. By the end of this blog, you’ll know exactly what NOT to do as an established business.

Avoid Hopping on Every “Trending” Strategy

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Instagram and TikTok are the Kings of Queens of trending strategies but when you’re in business for the long haul (especially a service-based business) hopping on trends doesn’t lead to sustainable long-term success.

Instead of getting on every trend and spending too much time looking at what everyone else is doing, choose a few top-of-funnel marketing mechanisms (blog, podcasts, webinar, and YouTube) and be serious with them.

Create your content strategy, and refine each piece of content in your sales funnel so that all the pieces can work together for maximum impact.

Look at your analytics, create new lead magnets, and refine your message over and over.

Refine Your Brand Messaging Consistently

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Identifying your brand message isn’t something that’s a one-and-done type of deal.

Most businesses don’t realize that the language you use over time has to change to fit your newer offers, upgraded pricing, and the evolution of your business.

Anytime you consider doing a rebrand or offering a new service you have to look at your marketing message and do the target market research to see whether or not your audience is still the same ideal client you’ve been marketing to.

Honestly, when you’re expanding your business you may have 2-3 ideal client avatars depending on what your service suite looks like.

Take this into consideration as you prepare for Q1 in 2022 and beyond.

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Don’t Sleep on Email Marketing Automations

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Coaches, consultants, and service providers have been seriously sleeping on email automation.

There’s this idea that email marketing is only successful for a product-based business that doesn’t offer high-ticket services but this can’t be further from the truth for a multitude of reasons.

Let me show you this statistic so you have a full understanding of email marketing’s power in 2022 and beyond.

“By 2022, Over 347 Billion Emails Will Be Sent Every Day.

That’s up from just under 294 billion in 2019. While teams may be scaling back in other areas, email as a form of sales outreach, customer support, and lead nurture is only increasing.” – BenchMark Email

With this in mind, you have to understand that consistent email marketing will give you a large ROI so by not initiating an email strategy you’re giving your competition room to fill up your audience’s email inbox with valuable content, optimal story-telling, and relationship building which eventually moves them towards a buying decision.

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