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4 Things to Think About Before Hiring a Copywriter

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Hey boss, I know you’ve hit an incredible place in your entrepreneurial journey where you’re thinking about scaling the company.

When you want massive expansion and copy that lures in the right type of clients on-demand, it’s only logical to think about working with a copywriter (aka someone who sells with words) to help you catapult your company and program to the next level.

Before you get too excited and hire anyone who says they’re a copywriter let’s go through a few things you should think about to consider whether or not a specific copywriter is right for you and to see if you’re ready for one in the first place.

What type of content do you need a copywriter for?

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When you’re hiring a new team member you first figure out what task you need them to assist with. Copywriting is no different. In fact, it’s more crucial to be clear with a copywriter BEFORE working with them, or else you’ll run into issues.

Do you need sales emails?

Email newsletters?

Blog content?

Podcast notes?

Sales page copy?

Video scripts?

Pinpoint your exact marketing strategy and get clarity before you hire someone. You can always consult with a marketing strategist or your team to figure out what your next move will be as well.

Understand your own tone, and voice

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Having a consistent tone and voice in your brand message is essential for cohesion if you want to attract your dream clients and repel those who aren’t the right fit.

The only way to get this consistency is to fully understand your tone of voice.

Now, before you hire a copywriter to write for you – you should have a thorough understanding of your voice.

If you don’t yet, feel free to ask that copywriter if they do message strategy sessions because you won’t need to jump into creating copy and content if you don’t know who you’re talking to.

Once you have clarity surrounding who your ideal client is, what your brand represents, and what pain points your audience has, you’ll be well equipped by the time you get ready to have a copy expert write your content.

What is success to you when working with a copywriter?

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There are too many ways to measure ROI or success through a copy project. For instance, if you hire a Copywriter who creates blogs you’ll probably measure success by how well the content is written and if it provides ultra-valuable content.

Now, if you hire someone to create an email funnel for a launch you’re going to want increased open rates, and conversions so that you can get more program signups.

Knowing what type of success you want to have and identifying whether that’s realistic or not is key to successful project completion with a copywriter.

This way, both you and the writer can discuss what kind of results you can expect from the project – part of this also deals with understanding the buyer’s journey.

Did you consider the timeline?

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How long will the project last? Are you looking for someone who is going to do a one-off project?

Do you have regular, consistent content needs?

Will this be a project that lasts a few months and will take a large amount of the copywriter’s time?

These are things you’ll have to be aware of when you’re hiring a copywriter.

Something like a Sales Page, or Lead Magnet can be a one-off project but once you need email newsletters or ongoing blog content then you’ll want to use a retainer to retain the copywriter for a certain amount of time to ensure your project is complete.

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