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3 Sales Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them ASAP

Marketing, sales, and client/customer attraction. They all work together in tandem for your business and if you don’t have down the science of selling online with your words, content and inbound marketing (social media, blogs, emails newsletters etc…) then you’re seriously missing out on thousands and thousands of dollars.

I want to help you solve this problem, but 1st we need to get a good handle on what ‘sales’ is in the modern age and what makes someone actually want to buy products and services from you instead of your competition.

I was a psychology major in college and human psychology is arguably the most important aspect to understanding why, when and how your ideal customers want to buy from you.

Thrive Global featured an article by Wade Harman that paints a beautiful picture of the need for you to understand your target client’s mindset…

“Fear of Loss is Greater Than Desire For Gain

Your dollar is more valuable than my dollar. Why? Because it’s your dollar. This is why in your next sales pitch you should focus on what they’re missing out on rather than what your audience is going to gain by it.

3 Important Sales Psychology Tips You Should Master

Picture the last time you purchased something. Did you crack out your hard earned dollars on a whim because of greed or because you were lacking something (the product/service you bought) that you needed that precise moment.

See what I’m saying here?

Now, that we have the understanding we need on why psychology is crucial in sales and marketing in general let me give you these revenue-generating tips so you can be on your merry way to more website traffic and happy customers.

Making the Sale on Social

Do businesses actually make money from social media marketing? Heck yeah they do!

Here’s the thing though. Both small brands, big brands, product-based businesses and service-based companies all have one thing in common.

When they’re making sales it’s not because they post random stuff that looks pretty consistently… it’s because they know their ideal client (yes, I’m talking about psychology again), created an offer that their ideal audience needs, and they have a content marketing strategy in place.

Wingin’ it on social media will cost you time and money. Your competitors aren’t out there wingin’ it right now on these internet streets. They’re thinking, strategizing, planning and creating with 1 person in mind and I bet you know who I’m talking about.

Yes, their ideal customer(s)

As long as you know what your audience wants to see, what your potential customers need from you (they want to be delighted with what you create) and establish an emotion invoking call to action (fear of missing out is pretty powerful) on each piece of content on social media you’ll be heading in the right direction to increase your sales and web traffic.

*Don’t forget to align your biz goals with your monthly content strategies*

Email Marketing Still Matters, K?

The person who told you email marketing is dead was seriously lying to you. My clients have brought in over 10K in one monthly purely from email marketing.

I think you see an over arching theme here… (yes, I’m foreshadowing)

Knowing who your ideal customer is, their fears, desires and demographics is the 1st step to understanding the type of email marketing content that will get them to break out their wallets and make the purchase.

According to Oberlo, “293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day. Average expected ROI is $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82%.”

Let me put that in perspective real quick…

If you hire a copywriter to help you craft irresistible email content on a monthly basis for a the 2nd quarter this year, you’re looking to make over 40K at minimum (only from email marketing) depending on the copywriter you hire and the amount of sales emails you create together.

Blogging is everything… if you want more $$ + web traffic that is…

The last piece to selling online whether you’re a beauty company, wellness business, realtor, investor, bookkeeper or agency is knowing the power of blogging.

The truth is your audience needs information. How many times do you swipe your hand over your phone to ask Google a question?

Even if you’re looking to find a new house, restaurant, or vegan skin care brand you’re going to most likely look on Google and browse the short selection of businesses that pop up in the Google search engine for the keywords related to your business.

Most people don’t realize that blogs can and should 100% absolutely be used to bring in more revenue.

Pairing much-needed content with an irresistible product or service is going to get your increased revenue over and over again for the next 5-10 years (yes, blogs are still relevant years after they’re created)

Linking your contact info, popular products/service into each blog posts isn’t seen as some spammy way of selling when you’re writing with the intent to truly help your ideal customers by giving them what they’ve been looking for (be it a house, credit repair, hair care etc…)

This is the science of selling and I hope you take these tips (you can screen shot and refer back if you want) to bring in massive website traffic and become fearless in making sales with digital marketing… I mean every other business is right?

To discuss how my words and digital marketing strategies can get your business from doing well to making more money than you ever have email me:

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