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The Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting for Your Business

As an entrepreneur you know by now how important your marketing strategy is. It’s not like you have the time to create digital marketing materials and increase your online presence.

You’re too focused on those crucial tasks in your business like creating products, launching courses and getting new customers and clients. Hiring a Freelance Writer for your business is a no brainer but what exactly can this writer do to drive in revenue and bring in new leads?

Exceptional content marketing comes down to the message you present to the world. Are you putting your best digital footprint forward?

First, we need to take a look at the different types of writing and marketing materials a Freelance Writer or Copywriter can create.

From ebooks, product descriptions, service descriptions, and direct sales copy marketing writers are known to create a variety of different content which is used to bring more sales or brand awareness to the company they work for/with.

You’ll need to keep in mind your business goals and sales goals for the near future when deciding on whether or not hiring a writer is right for your business.

Sales copy and content marketing

Businesses and entrepreneurs hire Freelance Marketing Writers to produce content for their blogs, website, products, service and even social media sites.

Social Media Marketing is providing brand awareness to brands and hiring the right writer to create a clear, compelling message makes all the difference in your content marketing efforts.

Have you heard the phrase, “Content is king?”

That’s because it is! Billboards are dying out and looking online for your favorite restaurant, shoe store or life coach is the way of the future.

You’ll probably hire a writer to create the following for your business:

  • Social Media Ad captions
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • SEO content
  • Email newsletters
  • Landing pages
  • Press releases
  • ebooks
  • Case Studies

Are Copywriters and Bloggers the same?

Although Copywriters and Bloggers are in similar industries and perform similar tasks each title has a slightly different approach to content marketing for a small business.

Blogger: Creates articles to increase and boost an online presence using both organic reach and paid reach through sponsored posts and SEO (search engine optimization)

Copywriter: Creates engaging sales content for product descriptions, white papers, service descriptions and email marketing sequences. Each piece of content generally has a CTA (call to action)

Where do they connect?

A Copywriter may have a blog devoted to teaching content writing and marketing strategy while a blogger may hire a copywriter to give a descriptions of their services or help them to create Social Media Ads.

Think of it like this: a copywriter creates the “salesy content” while a blogger creates content in everyday language with the goal of engaging an audience.

Can I write my own content?

Yes you can but the better question to ask yourself is do I have the time and expertise to create compelling content?

Anyone can write a blog but everyone doesn’t know how to write a blog that will actually convert to more page views and sales. That is the end goal right?

You are welcome to try your hand at writing your own product and service descriptions but without the proper training and the ability to creates emotion invoking copy your marketing strategy will fail.

If you do plan to write your own content at first be sure to take a class from sites like, Udemy or HubSpot

How much content does a small business need?

As a small business owner you’re probably wondering how much content is actually needed for your industry. A good rule of thumb for blog posts is 4-10 posts a month to increase SEO (search engine optimization)

Once you have a great bio, hire me page, and product/service descriptions then you won’t have to change those areas as much. If anything needs to be tweaked your Freelance Writerwill perform keyword research on your target audience to get an idea of which keywords are ranking the highest for your industry.

Landing pages and Social Media Ads should be analyzed on a regular basis to ensure the copy or content is performing and relating to your target audience.

The right Writer knows that analyzing the content they created is essential and performing SEO reports is necessary for the growth of a company blog or website.

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