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11 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed in 2021: Business Expansion and Your Online Presence

I’m going to let you in on my favorite ways to grow and establish your content marketing strategy.

Here are 11 ways to get your brand noticed in 2021. Aside from the regular — social media posting consistently, there are a few different ways that get you massive exposure for your brand.

Always remember, whatever method you choose you need to be consistent and review all analytics to see which works best for YOUR business and industry.

Consider doing target market research to get your business noticed and to get the specifics on what your ideal client or customer would want to see from you in order to hit you up and purchase from you.

Each industry yields different results for each method so you can try a few out at a time or you can try them all out to get the best results. Save this post, share it with a fellow entrepreneur or marketing coordinator and get ready for business expansion all 2020!

1. Link in Bio to Get Your Business Noticed [Business Expansion Planning]

content creation 101.jpg

If you’re on Instagram as much as I am then you probably have seen the little LinkTre.e links in peoples’ Instagram bios. Now day’s people also use a page on their website to drive more traffic to their own platform versus LinkTre.e

The bottom line here is to choose whichever link hosting platform works for you and use it to your advantage.

These links allow you to not only post your website but other brands, blogs, and links that you have to promote. This is especially helpful for influencers and entrepreneurs who have multiple streams of income.

You can also post webinar trainings, opt-ins to your email list, case studies, and even client reviews! Think about where your Instagram followers are in the Buyer’s Journey and consider what they need to see to feel confident enough to work with you.

It’s great when you pay only a few dollars per month to access awesome benefits on your website via Instagram. Instagram has a cool way of allowing your profile to get tons of views if you market it correctly.

So, anytime someone sees your profile and likes your brand, they might just click on your link in bio and go purchase some of your products or take a look at your blog.

2. Email List Building Expands Your Business Tremendously

expand your brand.jpg

Email is not a new way of marketing. It has been rumored that email marketing is dead, but that simply isn’t true.  Strategic email marketing allows you to access customers weekly, biweekly, or monthly so that they can be updated with events, product changes, and launches you have.

Service businesses and product businesses will benefit from using their email list to sell their products, promote new launches and create a loyal following.

Remember that you can add links to your social sites and blog within your emails so that you’re expanding your business in every direction.

This is a more intimate way of marketing straight to your customer’s inbox. Here are a few of my favorite email marketing tools and some of them are free. 

3. Bio Optimization (SEO), and Copywriting

plan your content.jpg

Search engine optimization or SEO is commonly used for web content and blogs but can be used for your bios on your Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Simply put, search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of keywords, (either shorttail  or longtail) to increase views to your website or blog

I’ll give you an example. As a writer a few of my keywords for my bios are copywriting, writer, and blogging. I’ve used phrases like, “freelance writer for business owners.”

The more specific you are and the longer the keyword phrase is — the better it is for your ranking in the Google search engine.

SEO research is essential. Do not jump into this without taking a class, you can also hire an expert to assist as well. 

Add a few of these keywords to your LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter bios and you’ll see your traffic explode massively.

4. Opt-In, Freebies, and Funnelsits called marketing.jpg

Opt-in’s are usually used to grow your email subscriber list but they can also be used to bring traffic to your Facebook page your Instagram page for your Twitter accounts when used appropriately.

Freebies are a unique way of social media marketing for your brand and email marketing. Show your creative side and bring value.

To bring additional traffic to your social media accounts create an ad and give an opt-in like a free e-book or a free worksheet that would be valuable to your consumers. Then you can give them the link to your blog and Facebook page, Twitter page or Pinterest account, or any other area that you want additional traffic to.

Your brand will be noticed on a massive scale when you have a super valuable freebie in place. Try to make this ebook or worksheet irresistible.

Once your followers subscribe to your email list you can create the following in your email marketing strategy:

  • Weekly newsletters (filled with tips, day-in-the-life, company updates)
  • Sales emails and sequences for your latest services and launches
  • Updates when you want to bring your subscribers over to your social media channels
  • Welcome Sequences (at least 5 automated emails) for when your subscriber first signs up for your email list
  • Re-Engagement campaigns for when you need to get your subscribers back enthused with your brand

5. Blogging and SEO

content marketing for your small business.jpg

Blogging isn’t just for fashionistas and foodies. Blogging is a powerful tool that smart and strategic business owners use.

Blog content creation may include hiring a freelance writer or content manager to create content on your behalf since you probably don’t have the time to create and optimize blog posts designed to bring traffic to your website.

Blogging allows you to be an industry authority while getting your brand noticed through new avenues (search engines and shares). You can give tips, provide insight on trending news you can tell about your launches, and even give insight on your opinion on big topics in your industry.

If you’re going to expand your business in the coming year creating a blog content strategy will get you the web traffic and results you’re looking for.

Be sure to hire a professional writer or do a little research on blogging and editing so that you know how to make the most of your blog. You’ll need to know terms like SEO, meta-descriptions, tag lines, and how to create killer headlines.

6. Update Frequently

social media marketing for your brand.jpg

This may seem like a no-brainer and a very basic way of getting your brand noticed but you’d be surprised how many accounts don’t have updated information. From an outdated phone number to the wrong address or the wrong description for their business.

Expand your business in 2020 by keeping everything updated and cohesive.

Let’s say you’re in business for two years and you just decided to redo your description.

You want to serve slightly different products or services to your target market. If you don’t update your description box and update your profiles to make them cohesive then your followers will not know that you have a new service.

You should also consider changing your bio, information, your description, and other settings on every social media platform and on your website regularly to keep up with the trends and technological differences as time goes on.

7. User-Generated Content, and Influencers, and Collaboration

gain more publicity

User-generated content on social media or on your website means that someone else is creating your blogs or your social media content.

You are giving them recognition for it, and that means you’re tagging them in the post or creating a byline for them in your website or blog. This content helps to bring new leads and expand your small business and brand reach [Just make sure to ask first!]

You can also do this on your email list and feature the influencers or guest bloggers in your emails.

Now let’s talk about influencer marketing for a small business. Influencers are people who represent your brand and promote your products inadvertently to their followers.

Influencers are so valuable because their followers trust them with advice and they are more likely to take action from a trusted source.

Another side to this topic is collaboration over competition. Which is especially relevant for service providers. Video marketers can collab with copywriters, graphic designers can work with social media strategists, and so forth.

Here are a few quick collab areas:

  • Guest blogging
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Instagram takeovers
  • Facebook takeovers
  • Business relationship (suggest each other to clients)
  • Simple community building and support

8. Paid Ads

paid ads for a small business

Using paid advertisements for your brand is crucial. Before you start bugging out about how much it takes to spend on ads think about the ROI. If your ad is done correctly with a compelling call to action you will get massive ROI.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram allow paid ads through social posting. If you’re a video person, YouTube does too.

Now, before you go spending money and targeting your ads you need to know there’s a science to this. A specific skill set will be needed to correctly target and manage the ad.

Content marketing for your small business depends deeply on your advertisements. Every successful brand has them and yours needs them too!

9. Facebook Groups

The Facebook platform is changing so that your business does not get as much exposure unless you’re paying for ads.

Facebook groups are honestly a gold mine for business owners in any industry.

Of course, you’ll need to follow group rules and guidelines but there are plenty of Facebook groups out there whether you’re in real estate, content marketing, hair and skincare, jewelry, and more. Just search for groups that have your ideal customers.

Make meaningful connections, provide value, and if permitted tell this group about your brand. There are specific groups designed to promote your business and sell your brand as well you just have to find them.

Groups with more than a few thousand people tend to be a waste of time since all everyone’s content will begin to drown out.

Instead, search for groups with a few hundred engaged people with who you can share your brand, provide tips, discounts and networking.

If you have not already started a Facebook group for your business you should consider doing so for the following reasons:

  • places your brand as an authority
  • allows you to connect with your audience in a more individualized way
  • you’ll have an audience available for marketing studies and feedback on your products/services
  • ask for their email before joining the group to build your mailing list

10. Tell People

brand your business consistenylu.jpg

This is for sure a no-brainer. Tell everyone you know about your brand and then some. Scream it from the hilltops (really though).

Getting your brand noticed means you actually tell others about what you do and who you serve.

No one will know about your brand if you’re not willing to brag on it enough. A huge part of gaining publicity for your brand is spreading the word.

Understand that everyone doesn’t see your posts, especially if you aren’t posing consistently at different times of the day.

Join Facebook groups, Twitter Chats, and Pinterest Boards. Find an online community of like-minded business owners, bloggers or influencers and connect. You should avoid being spammy and salesy but you should 100% give tips, explain what you do, and provide value when appropriate.

Networking also falls into this category! When is the last time you went to a business fair, small business meet-up, or another similar group in your town?

11. Use Video and Repurpose That Content

Digital marketing is constantly changing and one change we’ve seen in the last few years as marketers is the need for front-facing video content in our marketing strategy.

Video simply isn’t optional anymore. Do a quick video search or scroll through Instagram for 15 seconds to see how vital short video clips are.

The incredible thing about video on social media is you don’t have to sit in front of the camera and provide a lecture for 30 mins every week.

You can mix and match the video content you create with the following:

  • Reels
  • Short IGTV tutorials
  • IG Stories (sometimes you can save these to highlight for an on-demand training)

Always be prepared to cross-post this content to Facebook and YouTube. You can even embed these videos on your website to boost your SEO ranking.

The Bottom Line

content colors and creation.jpg

Get your business noticed, be creative, and be fearless. Be confident in your brand and show the world what you have to offer.

Even if you don’t see results immediately — stay consistent and you’ll be surprised at how many new leads, likes, comments, and sales coming your way in the form of content marketing your small business.

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