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Deep Condition: Avocado, Honey, and Egg?

You may have heard of this deep conditioning trend on the internet. Wondering if there is any truth to it? Will these ingredients actually condition my hair?

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Curly hair guru’s and natural hair wearers everywhere have been diving into this new trend. Mixing half a slice of avocado, a teaspoon of honey and 1 egg is supposed to replenish, moisturize and add protein to the hair.


Let’s break down how each of these ingredients works in the hair to see if this deep conditioner will work in your hair.




Avocadoes are a food naturally occurring in nature which is filled with fatty acids, protein, amino acids, and vitamins. So, yes Avocado will replenish damaged and dry hair. These components inside of the avocado are crucial for moisture and length retention.


You may have noticed avocado oil on shelves in the local beauty supply store or drug store. Making your own DIY hair conditioning treatment from Avocado will yield amazing results for these reasons.


Avocado has a thick consistency so it’s best to blend this tropical food in a blender to mix thoroughly. Use this superfood by itself or pair it with other ingredients to maximize your conditioning treatments.






Eggs are known for housing tons of protein, amino acids, and fat. The proteins and amino acids help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage.


The yolk of the egg is the most important part. Yolks contain the highest level of vitamins and nutrients including protein. The yellow part of the egg also has vitamins A and E which both help rejuvenate hair and skin.


Some people mix olive oil and egg together to come up with a super moisturized hair regime. Most people use 1 egg and pair it with another ingredient. It should be noted egg can be used alone in the hair as well as a conditioner. Make sure to rinse thoroughly when finished.




Honey probably doesn’t seem like something you want to saturate your hair with. The truth is this sticky brown liquid can attract moisture and retain any moisturizer already in the hair.


After using honey on your hair, it will feel both soft and smooth. Your curls will be bouncy and full of life. The natural softening properties in honey make it a hot commodity in the hair industry.


Here’s another tip: honey works great in face masks as well. It will fade scars and totally get rid of any acne.


Final Thoughts


To answer the question, yes pairing Avocado, Egg and Honey will give your hair excellent results. Each of these foods can be used alone but imagine the benefit of using all three of these foods together.


Make sure you don’t overdo it. This deep conditioning treatment should only be used every 2 months or so. Putting high amounts of protein in the hair can have adverse effects which are the exact opposite of what you want.


Mix these items in a blender and you will be ready for smooth, luscious hair on wash day. Remember it’s always best to condition after washing your hair. Enjoy!


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