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Advertising: Work From Home Agent

I recently became a work from home Agent for a company called MCA. If you have not heard of this company the acronym stands for Motor Club of America.

When googling this company you will see their link right at the #1 spot on the webpage. MCA has been in business for nearly a CENTURY! This reputable company has been making money by providing real-life services to people like you and me.




So we all see those ads on facebooks for pyramid schemes and other sales companies where you make a commission¬†from a product. Well MCA is NOT like these. If you don’t, believe me, I’ll give you some proof.

  1. MCA is ACCREDITED by the Better Business Bureau. This means they’re a registered company just like Triple (AAA) or Avon. In fact, let me give you a link to their accreditation.
  2. MCA Provides a 1099. Like any job or business, they’re required to provide you a 1099 tax form by LAW. This is required for self-employed individuals. At the end of the year, you’ll pay taxes from your income.
  3. MCA pays by direct deposit every Friday. Okay, so when I was working for corporate America and other entities I always got paid twice a month. I always wanted to the luxury of having direct deposit every week. Haha.

So how did I come across this opportunity?

Honestly, like many people, I thought it was too good to be true when I first heard about it. I had previously tried a company called It Works that didn’t make me as much money as I was hoping it would.

I’m the type of person who will use ANY opportunity to my advantage, but I was tired of spending money on products that simply weren’t necessary for me. After 6 months in this business, I was done and never looked back.

I encountered MCA around the time I was doing It Works. I did not want to waste any more money on a marketing gig.

This was until I started my work from home career. Aside from being a Sales Agent with MCA, I’m also a Freelance Writer, but that’s a story for another time.

I recently realized the importance of having more than one stream of income. That’s when someone messaged me on Facebook talking about an online advertising gig. Actually, I commented on her post then she messaged.

Anyway, I viewed her website and saw the familiar MCA logo that I rejected just months before. After reviewing all the benefits in depth and the super low start-up cost I was sold.



So now to the good stuff! How much do you make with this company?

1 membership sold = $80!!!!

Yes, so that means if you sell only 1 membership a day for 5 days you make $400. If you sell 2 a day $800! I made my first sale on the first day and the rest was history!

Startup cost? Why do I have to pay?

So the difference between a job and a business is that businesses have start-up costs! Yes I know it’s horrible but honestly, your job has start-up costs too. You just don’t pay attention to those. Work uniforms? Work supplies depending on what job you have? Gas mileage?

I think you get the point. To start it’s only $39. What’s the best part of paying $39? This is the membership!!!! Yes, all those wonderful benefits are all mine! You can also cancel the membership at any time.




You pay $20 a month to maintain the membership and benefits.

I didn’t mind this fee because when we purchase car insurance with roadside assistance it costs about an extra $30 to $40. Which is why I took that option off my car insurance and use MCA instead.

Bottom line, as an entrepreneur I enjoy MCA. For me, it’s great since I’m a writer, marketer and already computer savvy. Even if I decided I didn’t want to “work” for them I would keep my membership because I need those benefits at that price!!

So now what? Maybe you want to join for the membership itself, or perhaps you are looking to make money from your phone?

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Just visit my MCA website and call or text me with any questions. My number is on my website page. I provide free training, a Facebook group, and videos to support your goals.

If you want some extra money this is for you. If you want to eventually leave your 9-5 this is for you! BUT only if you’re willing to learn how to market yourself! Comment below for questions.










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