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Letter To My Children

To My Children,

I look at you and I see joy, innocence, happiness and pure undying love. Your little faces can instantly lighten up the dimmest of days. You are filled with life, never lose that.

You mean the world to me and you won’t quite understand my love for you until you have kids of your own. I pray for your health, your education, your kindness, your morality, your future.

The most amazing and miraculous thing I’ve ever done was create you.

You’ve changed me, helped me grow, helped me learn. I see life differently with you here. I feel unstoppable because of you.

Your kind words and gentle voices echo in my head before I fall asleep and right when I wake up. You ground me and put everything into perspective.

I see the world clearly when I’m looking at you hoping that you will be prepared for the dangers that this world brings.

Understand that I try to teach you everything I know. Everything that will protect and grow you into the person God made you to be.

Do you know that I watch you. When your eating, sleeping, talking, playing, running, arguing and laughing. I study you so that I can try to begin to comprehend how I made something as wonderful as you.

You have this infectious laugh and this beautiful smile. Don’t ever lose that my

love, the world is going to need that from you.

I know sometimes you will disappoint me, sometimes I’ll lose patience and sometimes I won’t know what to do with you.

Know that above all I love you and you never have to face any problem alone I am always right here. Never be afraid darling, look adversity in the eye and say, “I’m ready!”

You can do anything! Really you can. Know that I believe in you.

No matter how far you go or how big you grow you will always be my child, my beloved. I pray that I can be everything you need me to be and more.

You’re going to do amazing things, believe that.

And please don’t forget to always be kind, even when the world isn’t kind to you. Don’t let your heart fill with hate it will wear you down. Look above and focus on what is to come for you. There is nothing anyone can do to you, you have a protector in the heavens watching over you.

Thank you for being you. You remain the most amazing part of my life and for your undying love I am grateful.

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