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Your Hair Is Beautiful!

Dear Curly Haired Girls,

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL. I learned that line at a very young age but that didn’t stop the little children who would make fun of my hair, or comment on how it should be permed, relaxed, straightened, which ever word they pleased.

See me, I always loved my hair, so I was confused as to why they wanted to change it. Other than a few dye jobs I never put chemicals in my hair to give it a “straighter” or “whiter” appearance. I was a black girl, in a white suburb who absolutely and completely wanted to be BLACK. So I loved my full lips, I was even envious of Jenifer Hudson because her lips were “bigger” than mine. I liked my wide nose too. Those features of mine didn’t get as much attention as my hair. I don’t have average black girl hair.

It’s thicker, more lively than most. I literally get headaches when it’s been in a pony tail too long and I hate braids because I am SUPER tender headed, but all in all I LOVE my hair.

I love your hair too! Even if you don’t. Even if you think your curls or coils aren’t as perfect or patterned as you would like, I still love your natural hair.

In fact I love ALL natural hair. I commend women who will wear their natural self over the synthetics, and illusions that too many people today like to pull. If your hair is short, I like it, if it’s long I like it still. To me the more curls the better!! No matter how tight they are!

Whenever I see a naturally curly girl on the street or in a store or in the workplace I commend her! This society is too caught up in trying to look and be like everyone be else. So I appreciate you, who don’t mind being yourself!

Truth is no one’s hair is perfect. No one has perfect anything. My hair gets frizzy, my curls aren’t always precisely curled in a certain way, they’re wild, free and filled with coils to say the least.

Next time you look in the mirror embrace those beautiful curls. Take care of them, drink lots of water, introduce adequate amounts of protein, exercise, practice good skin care and stay away from shampoos with sulfate. If you’re hair is very textured and coiled make sure you get it wet EVERYDAY, yes I said it. If you’re not replenishing those wonderful coils then they will absolutely dry out!

Bottom line, when you look in the mirror you should see your own unique and splendid beauty, undaunted by others opinions or comments about you, because you’re the one who NEEDS to love you! Your beauty brings something to the world that we all need, there is no one here exactly like you and you should embrace that! Curls and all!

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