School isn’t for Everyone and That’s Okay

IMG_1166School is not for everyone. I don’t say this because I think that some people aren’t “smart” enough. I believe anyone can do anything they wish to put their mind to. With that being said school isn’t for everybody because everybody doesn’t want to have a college degree. Everybody doesn’t want to be a lawyer, doctor, psychologist, or any of those careers that you need to degree for.

If you’re content with how much money you make and how you make it then you should live that way if it pleases you. Don’t go to school because your parents or society say you should. Only do it because YOU want it! School takes consistency, determination and perseverance.

If you attempt school when you don’t really want to do it, you won’t be successful in it and you will have wasted all that time and money!! I’m totally and completely for college when you know what you’re doing and pursue the right degree. BUT if you’re going with no desire to go, weigh your options, because you may go though a lot of unnecessary debt, especially if you don’t finish!

Me, I love school, in fact I may go for the next 8 years just because of the career I want, but what I want isn’t what everyone wants. Maybe you’re the type that just wants to do a program that is a few months long for a certificate with a decent paying job, or maybe all you need is an associates for your ideal job and can work your way to the top in your company.

All I’m saying is, is that you should do what you want to do, not what everybody else wants you to. At the end of the day you have to live your life and you should be happy living it.

Also make sure you choose the right major or degree, take time to think about it, it’s okay to change your mind during freshman year to see what you really like.

Whatever route you choose I wish you well on your endeavors, and I hope that you find the career that absolutely suites you! One that enables you will make a difference and find endless happiness!

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