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Just Do It


Do it. Don’t hold back, everybody wants to be normal, everybody wants to fit in. YOU should follow your dreams, build a salon, write that book you’ve been thinking about, make a franchise off of your name brand, create that invention that you’ve  been thinking about ever since you were a kid, be a neurosurgeon or a doctor! Become an astronaut or any of those things that you once said that you wanted to do.

If you love those things pursue them. You’ll do it because you believe in yourself, because you’re confident in your ability and because you know what you want to do. You have a vision for yourself.

Let’s face it, normal people don’t do extraordinary things. Think about it, all the people who are or have been successful in the world were people who took a chance! Normal people play it safe and do whatever society wants them to do. Extraordinary successful people, entrepreneur type people, they go out on a limb and they believe in themselves. They take a risk even when it may be scary, even when they don’t have the support but it’s worth it! It’s your life, and your happiness, your legacy to the world and your means to make money while you’re here.

Sometimes in school they tell you that you should just do “normal” jobs like being a teacher or a firefighter, or work for a big company. Not to say that those jobs are actually easy, when you get up and go to work and do them, and that those people don’t love what they do or do an awesome job. BUT if you have a passion in your heart to do something else, to invent things, to create master pieces, to be artistic with technology then do it. Embrace your artistic and creative side by any means necessary.

If you want 2 degrees get 2, if you want 3 degrees get 3. You can do whatever you believe you can do. Don’t listen to everybody else, everyone else will tell you it’s too much, it will take too long etc… There will always be some kind of excuse, what matters is that you know that you can do this and that you can make time for anything you want in your life because it is YOUR LIFE.

I mean the pyramids of Giza weren’t built because people were too scared to push their limits and explore. Those people were explorers, adventurers, they wanted to make a lasting impression. Prove your critics wrong, prove yourself wrong! Don’t limit yourself please! You can do amazing things!

Not to bash any jobs but if you know you want to work 9-5 everyday for the rest of your life than do it. If you know that there’s something bigger and greater in you than what “normal” people are use to, then pursue it. Your passion, that idea or thought that you lose sleep over, what ever it may be capture it and take charge.

What I’m saying is don’t waste your life away with fear. Don’t forget your dreams, your ambitions, your passions, while trying to fit in with the normal people in normal society. Amazing people stretch and push the limit every day and accomplish amazing things! I’m sure you know that saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way”. Well it’s true! Find your inspiration, your dream and passion, smash it, accomplish it, be an expert at it! Don’t be one of those people who regrets not doing enough in their lifetime. Live your life, YOUR way. We only have one life right? Might as well make a huge impact!

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