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Why Is She So Quiet?

Next time you meet a quiet person..

I am an introvert. But before I go into a whole spiel about how introverted I am and how it effects my interactions, maybe I should give you a definition.

Yeah, I was always the quiet one in school. I NEVER raised my hand, if they wanted me to talk I had to be called on. I would talk to my friends and that’s it. Just within the last 2 years I actually realized and categorized myself as an introvert. I mean it made perfect sense.

I’m not terrified to share my ideas or thoughts but I find it difficult if I have to do it in person. Even on the phone!! I even found it difficult to ask for anything, such as an extra cup or napkin in the lunch room.

Maybe that’s why I am sooo independent, because it is excruciating to communicate my needs to others. Unless it is my immediate family of course.

Us introverts are ALWAYS told how quiet we are. Yes, thank you, I know, I’m QUIET It’s because I have a non stop thought process in my head, analyzing everything around me. Noticing and observing the smallest of clues so that I can make my decision on whether or not to allow my voice to be heard in a room.

Let’s get something straight. Not all introverts are the same. I find it super easy to have conversations with absolute strangers. Probably because they have never met me, so I don’t feel the pressure of people knowing me.

There are times when I connect with certain people at work or wherever I am that I see the same person repeatedly. These few people may not notice how introverted I am because I talk comfortably around them.

Put me in big groups of people talking all at once, and I’ll just sit and listen. For a few reasons:

1. My voice is quiet as it is
2. Half the time I don’t like the conversations they’re having

To come out of my introverted ways, you HAVE to be taking about something that interests me, or I’ll just zone out and go back into observing and thinking about a billion things!

Although it can be annoying to be introverted at times, I’ve realized this is my natural state, and I enjoy the time alone. I also consider myself a THINKER. Always having a plan, or a dream, or something I want to do or accomplish.

That’s why I LOVE writing. It’s SOO easy for me to relay my thoughts and feelings when I don’t have to do it in front of your face with spoken words.

Another thing about some introverts; we LOVE being ALONE.

It is physically draining for me to be around multiple people at a time. It really tires me out. One reason is because I’m not in my comfort zone when I’m around 5+ people. I cannot be myself around more than 5 people. For extraverts this may sound strange but it’s like I have to focus on one conversation with one person at a time.

So no, I don’t like get togethers with too many people, large parties or outings, and there are certain people that I just cannot be myself around.

Feel lucky and valued if you have had any amount of conversation with me past the average “How’s your day”, “What so you do?” And “Do you have children”?

When I branch out into other topics and KEEP conversations with you, that means I sense your presence or vibes and I like it, I feel comfortable around you.

So there’s your snippet inside an introverts head. Next time you meet someone who is quiet maybe this is why.😘


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