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The 4 Main Buyer Types and How to Appeal to Them with Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, understanding your audience is crucial.

A critical aspect of your audience to consider is their buyer type. There are four main buyer types, each with unique characteristics and motivations.

Contrary to popular belief, all buyers are not the same – especially when dealing with a high-ticket buyer.

What makes what person tick and understand your offers isn’t going to be the same as the other person, and when you know this and add it into your sales funnel, you’ll make more revenue and connections across the board.

In this blog post, we’ll explore these four buyer types and how you can appeal to them with your sales page, email copy, and other marketing collateral – ready? Let’s go!

The Analytical Buyer

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The analytical buyer is logical and detail-oriented (I’m like this person)

They are data-driven and require tons of information before making a purchase decision.

They want to know the specifics of a product or service, including features, benefits, and pricing. They often take a long time to decide and require a lot of convincing.

To appeal to the analytical buyer, your content marketing should be focused on providing detailed information about your product or service.

Use data and statistics to back up your claims, and provide in-depth explanations of how your product or service works. Case studies and customer testimonials can also effectively convince the analytical buyer.

Remember, this buyer is all about the details, so if your offer is a course or program, leave nothing out and include all the little things they need to come to a decision.

The Spontaneous Buyer

The 4 Main Buyer Types

The spontaneous buyer is impulsive and likes to make quick decisions.

They are often motivated by emotion and are not concerned with the details of a product or service.

They desire to feel excited about their purchase, and often make decisions based on social proof or recommendations from others.

This is the buyer most copywriters write for, and I believe most buyers are like this. They will see certain trigger words on a page and feel a deep connection to your brand, making them hurry and buy.

To appeal to the spontaneous buyer, your content marketing should focus on creating excitement and urgency.

Use persuasive language and emotional appeals to make them feel like they need your product or service right now.

Social proof, such as customer reviews or influencer endorsements, can also effectively convince the spontaneous buyer.

Have you ever looked back and wondered why you bought something so quickly after seeing a review or noticing other people buy the product too? Me too!

The Methodical Buyer

The methodical buyer is cautious and risk-averse.

They take their time making decisions and want to ensure they make the right choice.

They are often concerned with the quality and reliability of a product or service and want to know they are getting good value for their money.

To appeal to the methodical buyer, your content marketing should focus on providing reassurance and building trust.

You should use social proof, such as customer reviews or endorsements from industry experts, to show that your product or service is reliable and high-quality.

Consider offering a guarantee or warranty to reduce the risk for the methodical buyer.

If you can reverse the risk they’re worried about in their head, chances are they will eventually say yes.

The best way to reverse the risk and tension they feel is to have some sort of guarantee which can be something like a “money back” statement or the guarantee of what your service/product offers.

The Humanistic Buyer

The humanistic buyer is empathetic and people-oriented.

These folks are concerned with the impact of their purchase on themselves and others.

They need to know that the product or service they are buying aligns with their values and beliefs.

To appeal to the humanistic buyer, your content marketing should focus on creating an emotional connection.

Use storytelling to show how your product or service can positively impact the world.

Use language that appeals to their values and beliefs, and show how your brand is aligned with their goals.

This is also where the idea of “Hero” messaging comes in. If you explain how you are their hero and combine that idea with how they can join you in being the hero of the day (through a particular movement), then you’re on the right track to help them feel like your brand is necessary.

They will also want to see how you’re impacting the community and the world in the future. This person is somewhat of a philanthropist type of personality.

Creating Content for All Four Buyer Types

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While it’s essential to understand the unique characteristics of each buyer type, it’s also important to remember that your audience is not made up of just one type.

Your content marketing should be designed to appeal to all four buyer types, regardless of which type is most prevalent in your audience.

To create content that appeals to all four buyer types, you should:

  • Use various content types: Use different types of content, such as blog posts, videos, and infographics, to appeal to different learning styles and preferences.
  • Use emotional appeals: While the analytical buyer may be less motivated by emotion, using emotional appeals in your content marketing can still effectively convince the other buyer types.
  • Use social proof: Social proof, such as customer reviews or endorsements from industry experts, can effectively convince all four buyer types.
  • Provide detailed information: While the spontaneous buyer may require less information than the analytical buyer, providing detailed information about your product or service can still effectively convince all four buyer types.
  • Address objections: Each buyer type may have different objections or concerns. Address these objections in your content marketing to reduce the risk for the methodical buyer and provide reassurance for all four buyer types.
  • Whether you’re creating sales page copy, an email funnel, or an entire website, each of these core pieces of copy and content needs to be included in some way.


As you begin to include the four main buyer types in your sales page copy, emails, and other marketing collateral, you’ll see your sales increase and experience a catapult in your business revenue.

This type of revenue injection will transform your marketing and sales forever.

To work with an expert copywriter on how you communicate with your audience, learn more here.

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