The Introvert Marketer Podcast: Creating Word-Worthy Copy

(Listen to Episode 6 of the podcast here)

Welcome back to the Introvert Marketer Podcast! I’m your introverted host, Tiffany Garside – International Marketing Strategist and Copywriter. Today’s let’s dive in and discuss how you can make maximum impact with your words.

As an introvert entrepreneur, we all know how uncomfortable it is to constantly go out of our zone of premium “alone time,” well sis, I’ve mastered the art of allowing my words to do the heavy lifting in business even as a marketing professional. 

Learning copywriting for creatives and service-providers is essential for attracting those ideal clients and educating your audience on demand. Think of this episode like your 1:1 mini-training with me.

I’m taking you through a few of the steps I go through with my clients when they need to increase their visibility, conversions, and community base. Grab some tea, coffee, lemonade (or whatever else you drink) and let’s get into it!

In this episode, I’m giving you the low down on exactly how I find clients without jumping through all the hoops extroverts will tell you are necessary to have a thriving company. 

Now, if you’re a service-provider listening in right now I’m happy to tell you my program, “Ignite Your Copy” (Group Coaching) is now available with 4 spots!! 

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