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Is It Time to Supercharge Your Marketing? [Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy]

Whether you’re marketing your business on Instagram, your blog, email marketing, or another platform it’s important for you to know when and how to analyze if you’re content is working. 

But, what does that mean… working? 

Look back at your marketing and business goals for starters.

Too many times clients come to me without a clear vision and without that clarity how will you know if what you’re doing is bringing results for your business.

A comprehensive content marketing strategy has the ability to lead someone from first seeing your brand to opting into your content, and then being nurtured towards the end goal (a sale)

You don’t just ‘wing it’ in business so don’t do it with your marketing either. I’m going to give you a few obvious signs that you can’t ignore, then you’ll be able to implement a better marketing strategy. 

Your community doesn’t quite exist

I’m sure you’ve heard that likes, comments, and followers don’t mean the world but I want you to think of marketing as a numbers game. 

The bigger your reach (your audience) the higher your chance is of signing up more clients. The right comprehensive content marketing strategy will help you build a community of fans ready to learn more about your offers.

If you’re grabbing from a small pool of followers who aren’t engaged it’s a lose-lose situation. 

I don’t want you to stress yourself over numbers and follower counts but just be aware of the math and science behind marketing. 

One way to combat not having a ton of followers is having a super-engaged community. This is hard to do if you find that your posts usually have a few likes, minimal comments, and virtually no conversations. 

Social media was created for conversations so if your business isn’t getting questions and comments from your audience then you need to rethink your content marketing strategy.

You look at your website traffic and it’s not adding up

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Website traffic is one of the strongest indicators of whether your marketing is in vain or hitting your goals. The strategy that got you this far in business isn’t going to be the same one that propels you to multiple 6 and 7 figures in revenue.

Your comprehensive content marketing strategy must meet your website traffic goals if you want to convert new clients.

When someone visits your profile after seeing your post that means they want to learn more about your business (you posted something they liked or were intrigued by)

After visiting your profile if they decide to click on your website that’s a sign they are interested in learning more about your particular service. They may be ready to buy, or they may have additional questions but you are moving them through the buyer’s journey. 

So, if you see a decrease in website traffic or you’re getting minimal traffic it’s time to look at a different content marketing strategy. 

You need to include more: 

Valuable video content

Behind the scenes


Industry Statistics

You’re confused about your marketing strategy in general

Sure, you feel confused after looking at all the different digital marketing strategies available at the moment. Even if you’re a marketer you master marketing for your own clients but getting leads outside of referrals seems like the toughest job in the world.

Experiencing overwhelm and confusion is a clear sign that you need to clarify your marketing.

One common reason for a lack of clarity is using a content marketing strategy that does not fit you.

Answer these questions:

  • Where am I posting consistently right now?
  • Am I providing enough value to match my services?
  • Does my audience know what I do without a shadow of a doubt?
  • Have I clearly defined my target audience with an optimal amount of research?

To learn more about which marketing strategy best fits you now click this link to book a consultation.

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