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7 Reasons Every Social Media Strategist Needs To Nurture Their Email List [Social Media Email Newsletter]

So, you’ve been serving service-based companies and eCommerce clients for a while now. You’ve got your systems down packed, have a few stellar team mates on your team, and have raving clients and testimonials.

I know you think you can keep skipping out on your email list but that isn’t the truth. The days of attending in-person networking events is pretty much over.

Sure, we may see an increase in a few in-person events but you need to get a strong handle on all your digital marketing efforts if your business is going to survive this recession.

Part of that, includes offering your services and marketing them to your email list.

If you’re active on social media, have a podcast, YouTube channel, or a company blog, you also need to build your email list so that you can become the go-to marketing expert in your industry.

A social media email newsletter will alert your audience to new posts, (which boosts your engagement rates) provide an exclusive platform for enthused subscribers, and gently remind your email list of your awesome services (they may even refer you to a premium client if you send out a referral email)

Now, let’s get into the top 7 reasons you need nurture your email list as a social media strategist aka email marketing for social media agencies.

1. Grow Your Following Organically, in a Massive Way: Email Marketing for Social Media Agencies

Social Media Strategists know all things social media marketing and sometimes, we have trouble seeing past any other digital marketing efforts.

This is the biggest mistake you can make in marketing. As amazing as social media is, you have to have a system in place to drive website traffic and make sales off of social media.

With that being said, you should totally use your email list to help build your social media profiles, especially when you’re trying to gather social media marketing leads from multiple sources (ads, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc…)

By simply telling your subscribers about your other social media channels or even groups, then you be able to build a consistent follower basis across multiple platforms.

2. Give Your Audience Exclusive Tips (Go More in Depth Than Social Media Posts)

On Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you can only go so far with your marketing tips. I’ve found this to be true when creating content, so my favorite thing to do, is to give my email subscribers exclusive copywriting tips, blog writing hacks and I’ll even send them a PDF every now and then (or infographic to boost their content marketing strategy.

See, when someone devotes times to join your email list, they’re showing a strong connection to your business. This is a warm lead (they may even be HOT) so treat them accordingly.

Giving your audience as a reason to stay around for years, and years to come, means more money and connections later on down the line (we are trying to create long-term strategies here right?)

Email marketing for social media agencies proves to be effective when you know who your ideal client is.

3. Give Your Audience a Reason to Visit Your Website (B2B Blogs)

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Content is KING (I know, it’s played out but you know it’s true!) and there’s a push for authentic, high-quality content over quickly created posts with no intentions.

Business blogging is the best way to establish your industry expertise, hands down, and when you blog consistently you give your email list more valuable content to consume.

Plus, this method gets people off your your email list and clicking on your website where they’ll eventually schedule a call with you, buy something on your website or download a digital product.

4. Set Up 1:1 Consultations on Demand

This is yet another reason why social media marketers need email newsletters. Do you know how EASY it is to sell to your email list when you know how to craft words that prompt your audience to buy from you asap!

Here’s a quick tip on copywriting in emails.

Your subscribers joined your list because they have a specific problem, if you’re able to speak exactly to that problem, relate to them on a humane level, appeal to their emotional side and create irrisistible copy then you have them sold!

Let’s take selling out of this for a moment, when you clearly present your service to your audience via email – then they’re making the concious decision to exchange what you know for the currency they have.

Sounds like a fair trade eh?

To be honest, you’re only hurting your subscribers when you don’t sell your services and 1:1 consultations. Give your people what they want!

5. Having Your Own Hosted Platform is Priceless!

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When President Trump announced that he was considering banning US citizens from using the TikTok app, many young creatives on the platform expressed their worry. TikToker Hootie Hurley, 21, said  “[TikTok] has put food on our table”. Unfortunately, her 400,000 followers on the app does not translate to other platforms. 

Imagine what would happen if Instagram were to malfunction one day. Or if your Facebook account became compromised. Do you have an effective way to communicate with your followers? If not, you need to nurture your email list.

An email list allows you to connect with your following on your terms. No need to worry about the ever changing regulations on other platforms. A well maintained email list will allow you to maintain long term communication with subscribers. Social media apps are constantly changing, but email is here to stay.

6. The Statistics Prove That Email is KING

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There are 3.9 billion daily email users around the globe, and this number is expected to rise in the coming years. Although it is important to focus on cultivating your online presence on other platforms, email still has the best sales outcomes. Consider the following statistics:

[4.24% of email marketing traffic will result in a purchase compared to 2.49% of search engine traffic and .59% of social media traffic](

[Email marketing produces $44 for every $1 spent](

[Email is 40x more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined](

Email is one of the oldest and most effective online communication channels there is. Don’t neglect this valuable resource. Email marketing for social media agencies is evolving but keeping up to date with the latest copywriting tips and industry statistics will enable you to keep your followers/subscribers engaged.

7. When You’re Ready to Shift Your Email List is The Place to Go (Digital Products, Coaching, and Virtual Summits)

When you are ready to pivot, your email list should be your first priority. 

After you start analyzing your email marketing statistics, you’ll notice that there is a core group of subscribers who regularly interact with your messages. They’re interested in what you have to offer, and they probably follow you on other social platforms too. 

When you’re about to launch any new service, email communication is the way to go. Your readers on this medium are more likely to read longer, so they will be more likely to understand your vision and ultimately make a purchase.

Don’t wait any longer to buckle down on your email list. Are you ready to increase sales and improve your communication with subscribers? [Book a call with me now.](

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