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Features of a Revenue-Generating Content Strategy 2023 (Client Attraction 101)

It’s 2023 now and your business has been sky rocketing! You’ve reflected on the past year and know that you have mostly reached all of your and business goals.

To take your company to the next level in 2023 you’re going to have to get serious with your content marketing strategies. From email marketing, ads, blog content and social media content strategies.

Marketing is one of those things that’s constantly evolving. As a service-based company and even a product-based business you know that if your marketing strategy isn’t correctly aligned with your business goals then your business won’t do as well as it should.

What is it that your digital marketing strategy (Content Marketing Strategy 2023) is missing?

You’ve probably asked yourself this question numerous times throughout the past year but first, I need you to make a promise to yourself and your business (or marketing team) that you will use each of these tactics and actually follow through with updating your social media marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond.

See, I know you’re one of those business owners that’s constantly looking for the latest marketing info and entrepreneurship self development.

The key to making these digital marketing strategies work for your business is going to be actually doing the foot work, or putting in the action needed to develop a content marketing strategy to push your company forward.

Setting realistic business goals and having a full understanding of your buyer persona is the key to unlocking your marketing potential.

So, before we get into how to create a social media content creation strategy we need to fully understand buyer persona and your ideal clients.

Why You Need a Buyer Persona BEFORE Creating a Social Media Content Creation Strategy 2023

Think of a buyer persona as the information and details about your ideal customer. Some marketing experts use names to refer to this fictional person so that you’re envisioning a real person. Your Social Media Content Strategy relies on how comprehensive your buyer persona is.

What does your ideal customer or client need from you before making a purchase?

What do they like or dislike?

Where do they live and how old are they?

These are all excellent questions but when considering blog content creation, email marketing and social media content creation strategies you need to get into the psychology of who your target audience or ideal client is.

So, questions like the ones below are a better fit for understanding the mind of your ideal customer:

  • Why do they want to buy from you?
  • What is going to stop them from contacting you and doing business with you?
  • What questions arise in their mind before buying from you?
  • What words and phrases do they connect with?
  • What emotion should they feel when seeing your blog, social media, emails and website content?
  • Which emotions are they driven by? (Fear, Excitement, Bordom, Happiness/Contentment)

After writing down or saving the answers to these questions on your computer then go ahead and get ready to pull out your small business goals for 2020.

Business Goals + Content Creation Go Hand in Hand

This is the main area where CEO’s and small business owner’s alike become confused. Sure, you can wing it and create beautiful content filled with lovely inspirational posts mixed with a few sales campaigns.

If you’re really ready to meet all your business goals for 2021 then you need to start aligning each business goal with your social media content creation strategy.

Weekly business goals, monthly goals, and quarterly goals ALL matter when you’re creating email campaigns, social media marketing calendars, ads, and even website copy (that’s for another blog)

After gathering your business goals you can grab a spread sheet and put in dates for the next 3, 6, 9 and even 12 months.

Pick topics, themes, sales goals, and measurable analytics to see if/when you reach each goal.

You need a different calendar for email marketing, blog content, and social media content.

Here are 5 steps you can take with you for your social media content strategy 2021:

– Choose your favorite social media scheduler

– Set weekly themes that align with business goals

– Decide if/when you will run sales and promotions

– Create captions/copy cohesive with your ideal customer

– Source high-quality graphics or create your own to align perfectly with your captions

*BONUS TIP: Write emotion invoking calls to action for your website or for your audience to book a call with you. This is the last step before they decide to buy and do business with you so make it straight forward and compelling.

Automation Makes for Easy Access + Planning

After setting your business goals, you’ll need to start looking at social media tools and planners.

Using an automated system for all of your social media posts enables you to focus on other business and marketing tasks while your content goes out at your appointed time consistently.

Let’s discuss scheduling your posts. Depending on which social media platforms you’re using you can set a schedule that aligns with the best times for each platform.

Be sure to check out this article from ImpactBnd on the best times to post on social media for 2022 and beyond.

To sum it up pretty quickly you’ll want to abide by the optimal posting times to ensure you’re reaching as many people as you can. Set your content schedule according to the above article’s stats.

You can decide how many times per day to post according to which phase of social media marketing you’re in. Here’s a rule of thumb:

Growth Phase: Your business profiles are focused on finding more customers, a larger audience and people to be enthused with your company. You’re setting a target number of followers, or fans depending on which social media platform you’re using.

Engagement Phase: In this phase your company is focused on creating a social media content strategy around increased engagement. You already have your target number of followers and need to drive more comments, likes, messages and website traffic to increase sales and brand awareness.

*If your business profile on social media is new you’re in the Growth Phase*

Be aware that you’ll periodically switch through these two phases depending on the season, your business growth and any sales or promotions you’re running.

**For more on social media strategy, to book a phone consultation or to hire me as your copywriter and content strategist contact me.

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