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Get New Clients on Your Email List ASAP

Building a strong, large email list is the key to keeping in contact with customers, finding new leads and growing your brand. Email list building is not as difficult as it may seem.

Social media marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing but what happens when Instagram goes down again, or when social media algorithms do not allow your audience to see your content?

I can hear you now, “Why would someone join my email list?”

Because you’re going to create an awesome, value-filled “freebie” or offer that’s going to be irresistible to any target customer who sees it.

You can DIY everything in this article or you can hire an expert digital marketing strategist to assist you. 

In this blog, you’re going to learn how to create an irresistible offer that your target audience will have to sign up for!

Wait, why do I need an email list?

Any business, no matter the industry needs to have an email list and actively find new subscribers. The benefits of having a large email list include:

  • finding new customers
  • the ability to share discounts and premium offers
  • checking in with your loyal following
  • giving advice and tips to place your biz as the authority
  • an audience to market your latest projects to
  • an audience that can give you feedback on what’s working and what’s not
  • connecting to your audience quickly and efficiently
  • having your own platform is essential
  • send your subscribers blog updates [or video]
  • create a cohesive brand

As you can see there are too many benefits to creating an email list and engaging with your subscribers. When all else fails email marketing will be around.

Social media is not as reliable as you might think. Remember Myspace? They’re long gone and if your business is only marketing via social media there will come a time when you regret that decision since the platform is not ours to use.

Okay, how do I get my audience to subscribe?

Discounts and Opt-ins [free resources] are the best way to get email subscribers. Think of yourself as a potential customer. For you to subscribe to a new email list you’re going to need a reason or something of value to make you want to subscribe right?

That’s where discounts and freebies come in.

Offering 45% on certain products is a stellar offer since people typically see the 25% off discounts. The goal of this offer is to be as irresistible as possible so that there’s no reason for your ideal customers not to subscribe to your list.

Now if you’re not sure what kind of “resources” to create think about the services and products you provide. If you’re a haircare company using a “hair journal” or PDF with unique hair tips will work well for your business.

Before creating a free resource you need to do some market research or at least take a survey to see what type of content will be valuable to your followers.

How do I make an Opt-In?

You actually do not have to be some kind of graphic design guru to make a beautiful, irresistible offer. My favorite tool is

This website is used to make stunning graphics, ebooks, PDFs and basically all things business/branding related. You can even make business cards and flyers but that’s a different topic.

If you’re not sure about which valuable resource will work best for your business check this list out:

  • Journal/planner
  • Social media audit template
  • Infographic
  • Short ebook with tips
  • Coupon codebook for your products

Remember to think outside of the box and be as creative as possible so that your biz stands out from the competitors. A great way to start is to take a look at your industry and see what’s missing. What can you bring to the table that other brands are not?

Challenge accepted?

If you have not started your email list yet I challenge you to get started now! Go sign up for an email marketing service like Mail Chimp or Convert Kit.

Remeber girl bosses, you do not have to know it all to start your email list. Begin by sincerely asking yourself what your ideal customers need from you. As long as you keep your customers needs first you’ll have no problem growing a strong, enthused email list.

For help with email marketing and content creation hire Freelance Copywriter or follow me on Instagram. 

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