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How to Create an Instagram Strategy as a Realtor [Marketing on Instagram]

Instagram is a powerful tool for real estate marketing. Whether you’re an independent realtor or work with a well known firm Instagram marketing should be used to bring brand awareness, website traffic and more leads to your business.

Instagram is a visual platform which realtors should use to their advantage. Taking pictures during an open house and pictures of different rooms and interior design can make instagram users interested in your company.

The idea is after that someone follows your page sees how consistent you are — they’ll think of your brand when they’re ready to buy a house, sell a house or know someone who needs your expertise.

Did you know a whopping 1 billion people use Instagram?

That’s massive and shows you how powerful social media marketing is for real estate agents and commercial real estate companies.

This article is going to show you how advertising have shifted from bill boards and physical tours to scrolling through an Instagram feed to find the perfect realtor to sell a home.

No More Billboards

Drive through your town. Usually the companies that are still using billboards are stuck in the past.

There’s nothing wrong with billboards but spending thousands of dollars to advertise yourself just isn’t going to work anymore.

Most people use Facebook and Instagram daily (at least the milennials and people who are expanding families and need your expertise

To bring in new leads and real estate clients you’ll have to create an online presence. Part of that presence is social media marketing.

Instagram Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Using local hashtags and tagging local Instagram profiles will boost your engagements which means more locals will see your brand.

Using certain hashtags will give you a gold mine of leads who need to sell a home or at least know someone who will be needing your services as a realtor.

Now the main problem that most realtors have is establishing trust and Instagram is one of the easiest ways to build trust with your audience.

Posting to your stories, going live with tips and trends and interacting with other realtors will bring your profile new leads. You can also advertise for open houses, show off your latest certifications.

Creating Killer Real Estate Content

All of the above sounded pretty cool right? Scrolling through Instagram and selling homes while on the platform.

If you don’t have a content strategy that works you won’t convert any leads. Marketing is one of those things that simply takes time and just because your followers didn’t show up to this open house doesn’t mean they won’t show up to the next.

People are going to be watching your profile, just to see how serious you are and how you could help them .

That’s why your Instagram account as a realtor should be:

  • inviting
  • family friendly
  • warm
  • informative
  • helpful
  • professional

Using tools like PicMonkey and Canva will make your content really stand out. Here’s a list of content ideas you can use for your social media as a realtor:

  • family photos
  • what you eat in a day
  • life at work
  • behind the scenes on closing homes
  • testimonials from happy clients
  • local trending topics
  • real estate advice
  • unique situations you’ve encountered as a realtor

Real Estate Marketing and New Leads

Instagram can be used for more than directly posting homes and selling them. You can also build your email list consistently with the platform.

Using a link in your bio that has a landing page will allow you to give your audience the option of joining your email list or looking and your blog.

Use a giveaway or special to promote your email list. Most people won’t subscribe unless there’s something in it for the. Which is perfectly fine and can help position you as the real estate authority.

Why should they choose you out of all the other realtors?

Make a short ebook, infographic, video or other digital training on your expertise and uniqueness.

Even telling your audience about an open house with refreshments will do the trick.

Closing these leads on social media is the next step.

Closing Real Estate Leads on Instagram

Now it’s time to convert that follower into a potential buyer. You want to get more people to your open house right? You want more eyes on your latest listing?

This part is all about the copy or messaging. Stay consistent and talk about the benefits of working with you. Your message can start with a tip or story line that proves you’re the best realtor in town.

When creating captions for posts that feature houses talk about the awesome features of the home you’re selling in a non-pushy way.

Instead of dragging people into your posts allure them with excellent copywriting.

Optimize Your Page for Success

This is arguably the most important part of your real estate marketing strategy on Instagram. If you don’t already have a business profile be sure to switch your page over under the settings.

Using a business profile let’s you have buttons and options like “book, call, and email.”

When someone wants to get in touch with your for more information they’ll need to easily access your contact information

You can use hashtags in your bio too and be sure to tag your location to make it easy for others to find you.

When you include your name on your profile create a basic name and use keywords like “Columbus Realtor,” that way you’ll pop up in the search feature when people are looking for a local realtor.

For more real estate Instagram marketing tips contact me or hire me to create a cohesive Instagram strategy that will start luring in clients to your page.

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