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Self-love, self-care and how it relates to your vision

When you think of the phrase self-love what comes to mind?

You may think of a spa day and massage, a healthy relationship between your parents, between your significant other, your friends and other “feel good” relationships.

How does self-love relate to your business? Your vision? Your project? Your schooling or whatever it is you hope to accomplish?

The vision

self love

When you have a certain level of self-respect you practice self-care and you open up the doors the possibility, so if you want to write a book if you want to start a business if you want to start a nonprofit charity project anything like that you have to have proper self-love and self-care.

If you want to be a blogger you have to first believe in yourself and believe that you have something to offer the world. When you understand that your unique vision then you know you have something to offer that’s different from anyone else.

The drive

You’ll need to have a drive/passion for your vision. For instance, I  know I’m good at writing for you, it may be cooking, drawing, engineering or speaking.

It doesn’t matter if one person doesn’t like your food or 10 people don’t like your food. Whatever it is you do there are people out there who want to hear your voice and your view on your industry.

Stand out and be you

self care

To manifest your goals, you just have to hone in on what makes you unique and bring that into your business, project, or vision and use it to make you stand out.

I think we could assume or say that all entrepreneurs and business owners have one thing in mind, they have a belief in themselves even when no one else does.

Think about it, because pretty much every business owner, entrepreneur or author has a story where this amount of people didn’t believe in them. Even their family didn’t believe in them. Maybe their significant other didn’t believe in them.

Still, everyone who didn’t believe in them didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams, because they loved and respected themselves enough to know what they were capable of.

Outstanding belief

This belief in yourself allows you to make your dreams manifest into reality.  If you don’t have self-love and respect for your vision then it will never happen because YOU can’t see it happening.

So what can you do to make sure that your self-love is reflecting an idea that you want to have?

An idea that you want to become a reality will need 3 things.

  1. Write the vision/idea down
  2. Believe in the vision (whole-heartedly)
  3. Take action

Number one, you need to write down your vision for yourself what you want to happen. Number two, you need to believe in yourself before it happens, before you even open a travel agency, before you become an author or before you become a large fitness guru in multiple states.

You need to see that happen before you can implement it successfully.  If you already believe it going to come true then the first two steps are completed.

The third step is the action. you can have all this belief in anything but if there’s no action or work put in then it will never become a reality.

Analyze and take action

how to do self care

If you can truly understand how self-love and self-care relate to your goals, your business, and your aspirations then you can start to turn on this new mindset and your vision will become a reality.

It’s inevitable, that once you see it (envision your goals in your mind) you can believe it will happen. The thing that trips most of us up is a lack of belief. This comes from a lack of self-love.

Self-love says I’m able, skilled and capable of doing anything I put my mind to. Meditate on that and watch your life transform before your eyes.

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  1. Analyze and take action! 💪🏾🦋 #powerful

  2. I really needed this post. Thanks for the motivation!

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