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Black Owned Makeup: Zanzi Beauty

So I came across this black-owned makeup company called Zanzi Beauty. I love anything cruelty free so I decided to try them out. (Paraben and Talc free)

I tried their eyeshadow palette, foundation and tons of their lip paints.

This black-owned makeup brand has amazing pigmented colors for everything they carry. The creator of this cosmetics line traveled through East Africa and was in awe of the women who were there.

Another cool thing about this brand is their upcoming project which is an app that will scan your foundation color.

Eye Shadow

eye palette

Their eyeshadow palette is pigmented, bright and filled with glitter. Everything you could want in an eyeshadow. It includes 12 shades and comes in this royal purple colored packaging with a gold outlining.

Different shades of blue, green, peach and yellow appear in this palette. It’s easy to blend into the eyelid and is perfect for an everyday look or a night out.

Here are the swatches: 😍


Lip Paint

black-owned makeup

Honestly, their lip creams are my favorite. I say this because they’re matte when they dry. They won’t transfer on your clothes skin or anywhere else.

It’s super smooth to put on your lips and comes with a gracious amount of product (okuur👌🏾)

They have something for everyone. If you like a bold look go for blue, gold, green or sparkly yellow.

If you like nudes and deep colors try some of their red, pink and brown shades.

I think they actually considered who would wear their products and what occasions their consumers would use them for.

After leaving it in your actually forget you had it on in the first place.

Catering to Dark Tones First

So we all see makeups brands that are beginning to include darker tones into their foundation lines. The amazing thing about Zanzi Beauty is they put dark skin tones first! That means their first shades to debut have been those on the other end of the spectrum.

Brown ladies and little girls everywhere can look at this brand be in awe of the vibrant colors and the fact that their shade was considered important enough to debut first. Even brands such as Fenty included the full spectrum first instead of catering to darker shades.

More Than Cosmetics: Black-Owned Makeup

For me, a brand like this is about more than just cosmetics. When you get their products in the mail you get this festive African vibe from the packaging. Then you open up the colors and you’re like okay I feel like a queen already.

This is about putting black women first. Putting our skin in top priority for those who look like us.

I think this brand is all about being bold, fearless and beautiful in your skin. Loving yourself and feeling amazing, almost like royalty. This is exactly what we need in a black-owned makeup line! (Round of applause from me)

zanzi beauty


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  1. I love the colours!

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