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5 Reasons to Use a Small Business Blog


If you’re an entrepreneur and your business has yet to consider using a blog than this article is for you. Think about the following.

The internet is taking over and with that, internet marketing is becoming the main way to promote businesses and services. No matter what industry you’re in your products can certainly be used by people across the world. (If only they knew about you).

Having a small business blog on your company website will:

  • increase sales & new leads
  • increase traffic to your social media platforms
  • drive attention away from your competition
  • your business will become an industry leader
  • opportunities to share your brand with the world

Let’s look at each of these points in more detail.

Increase Traffic and Leads

A small business blog will increase sales and promote new leads using something called SEO. SEO is huge in the online marketing industry because it’s what makes your company and website available through Google searches.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works by using a few keywords throughout your blog posts or website. The better the keywords are the more likely your blog or website is to appear near the beginning of Google Searches.

Sounds great right? You’re probably wondering how to go about doing this. Lucky for you, there are tons of freelance writers, bloggers and copywriters out there who can use this tool to bring in more traffic which equals more sales for you.

For instance, you can always go here to find a freelance writer for hire.


Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Platforms

Social media is another amazing tool utilized by entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere. Think about it, places like Target, Starbucks, and Nike all have their own social media. Sure they have more followers than you but imagine having a large following who cares about your brand.

Social media opens up another world of traffic for your company. Simply placing your website in your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook profile will increase sales and allow you to find new customers across the earth.

Take a look at some of your industry’s biggest competition. I’m sure they have social media profiles which they are consistently updating. This type of work can be outsourced to a freelance Social Media Manager.

Posting a few eye-catching photos, with awesome taglines and catchy phrases is the start of making your brand noticeable across different platforms.

Drive Attention Away From Competition

Using a small business blog will make your company stand out. It’s up to you how often you want blog posts to be written, but the more often the better. Your consumers want to know they can depend on you.

Having a blog will show your potential consumers how serious and passionate you are about what you do. Share helpful tips, and industry news with your followers and watch the spotlight shine on you.

Think of blogging as another service you offer your consumers. This works for lawyers, doctors, hair care companies, makeup companies and virtually any industry. Perhaps, you’re offering a new product or service, make sure to post a blog post about it.


Your Business Will Become an Industry Leader

Take a look at these successful business blogs. These companies have mastered blogging and social media marketing which has allowed them to be the leaders in their industry.

They’re the professional you go to when you want information on products similar to what they offer. Blogging and social media marketing go hand in hand even though they have their differences.

Listen, entrepreneur, you want to be the person/business everyone goes to for information. Being the authority shows credibility and promotes trust between you and your consumers.

It will take time to research and find relevant information but it will definitely pay off. People talk and this becomes another way of getting referrals. Once you become an industry leader you may consider selling your services and products to other businesses. (B2B Marketing).

Opportunity to Share Your Brand with The World

That’s the thing about the world wide web. Depending on what you offer this will help in different ways. If you sell products, becoming recognized on a large scale basis will make your likelihood of selling in larger stores possible.

Imagine seeing your product on shelves in Walmart, Target, and department stores. That’s your goal, right? If you connect with people worldwide your customers will review your products and back you up. Soon your brand will be recognized everywhere.

If you provide a service such as coaching or writing books, imagine your brand reaching across the earth. Consumers from all over will order your services thus you’ll become a worldwide sensation for your industry.

This attention and publicity are amazing for a business. What started as a small business will become a household name or a brand in which millions of people all over the world use.

Face it. Having a small business blog is a no-risk investment. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Find a freelance writer, copywriter or blogger and get to the drawing board.








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  2. Terrific post with a lot of great tips & information! 😀💛🤗

  3. these are so good points! I feel like nowadays you really have to be more creative for your business to survive, and a small blog is just what it needs!

  4. You hit the head on the nail with this post! Blogs are soooo important for small business!

  5. Great content! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. you’re welcome!

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