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Celebrating Tiny Victories

So you have goals right? Maybe they’re huge and out of this world. Sometimes you might wonder if you can accomplish them. Well I believe you can!

Along the way it’s important to celebrate tiny victories.

Make a word document of your goals. Long term and short term. Figure out what tiny victories you might have in between.

If you’re a blogger this could mean a certain amount of followers or views in the next week or two.

If you’re a business owner this might mean making your first sale or first 10, 20, and 30 sales.

If you’re a college student this means getting your first assignment back and finding out you got a good grade. Good can be defined by any means you want.

The point is you need to celebrate the steps you make to make your dreams come true.

These little achievements are still achievements and celebrating them will give you the needed motivation to keep going!

Think of it as a ladder. I guess all our ladders are different sizes but the steps are filled with little achievements. One after another. Eventually you reach the top.

Each tiny victory takes you 1 step closer to your end goal.

Maybe you’ll stop here. Or maybe you’ll find a new ladder to climb and new accomplishments to do.

This is how you believe in yourself. As a brand, worker, CEO, Blogger, author, entrepreneur, sales person or whatever else you plan on accomplishing.

Always look back at your goal list and write down these tiny accomplishments. You might want to look back on these years or months down the line to see just how much you’ve grown.

Let’s face it. Tiny victories are the keys to BIG success!

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  1. Great reminder 🙌🏾

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