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10 Things in My Baby’s Closet

Every new mom knows there are absolute essentials to keep in the baby’s closet or nursery room.

Here’s a list of my top necessities for my unborn son. How do I know what to buy? Experience! I have a 6-year-old and 4 years old so this whole baby thing is pretty regular for me.

Feel free to comment what you put in your baby’s closet or nursery. Do you have any suggestions? Keep in mind these entries aren’t in any specific order. I need each of these items for the newborn stage to go as smooth as possible.

1. Infant Carrier


Honestly, this is one of my favorite baby items ever. I bought one for my second child and not my first. I will never neglect to get on of these with a baby. They come in handy everywhere you go.

Consider taking a walk with baby, going to the grocery store, shopping for clothes or just walking around in general. I’ve never been the type to lug around a huge car seat. (No shade to moms who do, just my preference). After being in labor and delivering a baby the absolute last thing I want to do is carry heavy stuff.

These carriers are perfect for newborns. They can fit snug in the front or back of you for morning walks or any other activity. If you have other children you may want to take them to the park.

Instead of lugging around a large stroller or car seat just seal baby up in the carrier and you’re ready to go. Keep in mind you’ll probably only be able to use this for the first 6 months of life.

2. Comfy Infant Bathtub

IMG_2151 2.JPG

You know those plastic tubs that are always in the baby section? Yeah, my kids hated those. I decided to try and make little one comfy in the bath this time.

My two older kids hated bathtime since they had to sit in a hard plastic tub. Think about it, the newborn has been in your warm comfy belly for 9 months surrounded by amniotic fluid and cushioning.

They’re going to be scared and uncomfortable in a hard plastic tub. These soft comfy ones are available at about any department store. Amazon is great too. I have not opened it yet but I imagine they’re pretty soft and warm. Better than hard plastic.


IMG_0019 2

Ah, yes, the Boppy. If you’re unaware of what this is, it’s basically a huge comfy infant pillow. Breastfeeding moms love these, but they also come in handy for any baby.

They’re perfect for tummy time and helping baby to sit upright. Baby can also sit back and relax on the Boppy. Just remember to set them back in the crib for naptime. (Safe sleep).

They come in all different colors and designs. I decided to purchase mine from Target, but I’m sure you can find one wherever baby items are sold.

4. Diapers

Okay, this one is kind of a no-brainer, of course, you’ll need diapers. I found that its best to purchase these, wipes, and other baby hygiene products ahead of time, in bulk! As a new mom, the last thing you want to do is go shopping last minute for diapers and wipes!

5. Changing Table

I actually have a changing mat and changing table this time around. I didn’t purchase theme the first two times but now I did. I know its gonna save me backaches and mess from blow-outs.

My baby’s crib has a changing table attached which should be pretty convenient instead of stooping down to his mattress level and trying to change him that way. So, why do I need the pad?

You may be out somewhere. Maybe a park or a family members house. Bring the changing pad just in case. Newborns dirty their diapers ALL the time. It’s just better to come prepared for any and everything. What will you do if he has a blow-out at the park?

The changing pad also has curved sides so baby won’t be able to roll off. They love doing that!

6. Breast Pump

If you choose to breastfeed get the pump ahead of time. Even if you plan on staying home with baby. Sure, you probably won’t need it for a few weeks but its good to be prepared.

This time around I got the Spectra Breast Pump since everyone said that’s the best one. I like electric breast pumps. Anything that can make this easier and convenient is something I’ll use.

Mine is still in the box waiting for me to use it.

7. Bouncer or Swing


This is absolutely necessary unless you want your little one to sit in a car seat all day. (That’s a no-no).

I personally like the bouncers more than the swings. I always have, I’m not sure why but with each of my kids I used a similar bouncer. Maybe because it isn’t huge and bulky. You can scoot them closer to you and turn on music or vibration settings.

This will soothe baby just like being in the womb. It takes some time for your newborn to get used to this “new world.” I’ve found that my kids could always be calmed down by being in a bouncer with vibration settings.

The truth is you won’t ALWAYS be able to hold baby. There’s still laundry, cooking and cleaning to be done around the house. If you don’t have someone to help out then you’ll have to figure it out all alone.

It’s perfectly fine for baby to spend a little bit of their time away from the comfort of your arms.

8. Clothing Choices

Surely you know baby will need clothes but what kind? Shoes? Bibs? I’m the kind of mom who likes a simple life. So no I’m not going to buy baby 30 different outfits that they’ll grow out of and mess up with milk, and other diaper related messes.

Jeans are cute on newborns don’t get me wrong, and we love to dress our little girls in cute expensive dresses and stuff but it just isn’t worth it. I realized that quickly. You may have to change outfits on the baby 3 or 4 times a day.

So what do I buy? ONESIES! Tons and tons of onesies to go in his drawer, closet and anywhere else they can fit. I also like to buy the soft cotton pants which are easy to pull off in case of a huge diaper mess.

Buying more onesies than anything else really helps in the long run. You’ll find that you’ll end up going back to the store to get more anyway.

9. Delivery Blankets

I’ve learned you can NEVER have too many of these. I swaddle newborns every night and usually during nap times too. This makes for a much better sleep! They want to feel warm and cozy similar to how they were in the womb.

As you may have guessed, delivery blankets get messy and dirty too. It can happen pretty quickly. So I buy lots of them! All different designs and colors. Sometimes I use them as a bib or extra cloth. They’re just good to have around.

10. Diaper Bag


It’s all packed and ready for the hospital. He has clothes, blankets, pacifiers and hygiene stuff picked out for the big day. This time I purchase one from Amazon which looks kind of like a stylish backpack. It might as well look nice since I’m going to be carrying it everywhere.

It has pockets and helpful compartments too. It doesn’t look like the average diaper back. I like to be creative and as you already know, I don’t want to carry heavy things. Putting it on my back will even out some of that weight.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s what’s in my baby’s closet and nursery. To me, these are newborn essentials for any mom. This stage should be as easy as you can possibly make it because you’re going to be tired, hungry and sometimes cranky. Changing up a few things will ease you into the newborn stage.







4 responses to “10 Things in My Baby’s Closet”

  1. That infant carrier looks like a back saver! <3 xo

  2. This is such a sweet idea for a post and a lovely insight into the world of a new mum!

    Sending you good vibes for a wonderful weekend!

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

  3. Very helpful post for new moms out there! As a mom of four I can definitely vouch for some of these! My infant carrier was amazing!!

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