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On Beauty: Looking the Part Does Not Always Cut It


“Pleasing the senses OR mind aesthetically.”

What does it mean to be beautiful?

Amazing body?

Easy on the eyes?


Like meeting your favorite celebrity whom you admire and consider to be “flawless” only to find that their insides don’t really match their outsides.

Beauty is deeper than looks. Sure that’s the basic definition of what it means to be beautiful. Pretty eyes, a nice smile.

Beauty is usually subjective anyway right?

But what about the inside attributes of a person that account for beauty.






Any others come to mind?

Looking beautiful and being a beautiful person are two totally different things.

Some people can be described as having both qualities.

There’s beauty in everything and everyone of you search deep enough. Look for the unique parts of a person. Everyone doesn’t get to see it explore this side but maybe you do.

Look for it in yourself. The unique physical features you admire about yourself and the inner attributes you possess that enable you to be a great person.

Maybe you’re not so great and need to apologize more often. Don’t be afraid to do that. There’s something beautiful about being fearless yet remorseful.

There’s beauty in honesty.

Artwork is beautiful. Wildlife and nature are beautiful but what makes this true?

The exquisite and exclusive allure of a unique sight? The colors or vibes you get when looking at something.

That saying beauty is only skin deep is completely false!

Beauty has loads and loads of layers waiting to be uncovered.

Beauty is something that makes life more enjoyable. More than eye candy, beauty can be pleasing to the soul when you look at the depth and dimension in the world.

The subjectivity of beauty is what makes it so amazing. What’s beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another but it’s still meaningful.

Next time you consider calling something or someone beautiful consider the magnitude of the word and what it means to truly be beautiful.

5 responses to “On Beauty: Looking the Part Does Not Always Cut It”

  1. Mummy Thomas' Blog Avatar
    Mummy Thomas’ Blog

    Such a lovely post thank you for sharing. 💚

  2. Aww, such a heartwarming post. It’s so true. It’s so easy to focus on the branding and not the product within!
    Rhianna x

  3. Maria | Avatar
    Maria |

    This made me think about the times my eyes start to water seeing someone that has suffered much but still has a smile on his face.What else could trigger that emotion if I didn’t think that what I see is absolutely beautiful to me? Great post!

  4. What a beautiful post, and so true! X

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