Traveling With Toddlers

My kids are 6 and 3, and a few weeks ago they went with us on a cruise to the Bahamas! Can you say family vacay?! I promised them I wouldn’t go on anymore trips without them. Overall it was a great experience, but here’s a few tips just in case you’ll be traveling with toddlers in the future.


If your kids like tablets or any electronics make sure to bring them. It’s not necessary for the cruise or your actual destination but it is for the airplane! Especially if your layover is on the longer side you’ll want something to keep the little ones busy. It doesn’t have to be a tablet being a few of their favorite toys or books for the ride!


You never know what could happen ESPECIALLY when traveling with kids. Carry bandaids, wound disinfectant, gauze, thermometers and Tylenol. You never know what you may need especially for international travel!


Don’t blind side them especially if it’s their first time. They may be hesitant or scared so warm them ahead of time on what to expect for a airplane ride, long car ride, boat ride or cruise.


So I am one of those parents that makes a learning experience out of pretty much anything and everything. Find educational and kid friendly attractions to do with the whole family. This is all one big adventure for them!

5) HYDRATION!!!!!!!!!

Yes all the exclamation points are necessary because this is HUGE when traveling near the equator. Toddlers and small children dehydrate quicker than we do as adults, so make sure that you’re somewhere surrounded by fresh, clean drinking water. If not, pack plenty of water or buy some before going to your port of call or destination.

P.S. It doesn’t hurt to look up the signs of heat stroke in children. Be prepared!


You have to be extremely careful when going to multiple destinations whether on a cruise or going different places on land make sure to keep your eyes open for strange characters. You never know who is watching your children and toddlers run and get lost QUICK.

Talk to your kids about never leaving your site when on vacation!


That’s what vacation is for right? The nice thing about cruises is that there are activity groups that watch the children while adults go have fun and explore the boat. Reunite a little later and see what they did while in the kids group. If you’re not on a cruise then have fun wherever you may be going. Remember take this time to become closer as a family and share lifelong memories

Happy traveling!

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